BeNatu facial sera with hyaluron, retinol and vitamin C - AurelijosSPA BeNatu facial sera with hyaluron, retinol and vitamin C - AurelijosSPA
facial serums


Your Facial Skin Care Ritual ... | Sleep-promoting products from Germany - AurelijosSPA | Sleep-promoting products from Germany - AurelijosSPA


For your sweet sleep ...
Dr. Viton Bronzan BIO - Self-tanning capsules and serum - AurelijosSPA Dr. Viton Bronzan BIO - Self-tanning capsules and serum - AurelijosSPA


Self-tanning cosmetics
BYROKKO Shine Brown tanning cream - AurelijosSPA BYROKKO Shine Brown tanning cream - AurelijosSPA
sun kissed


Create the perfect tan
Carrot Sun Carrot tanning cream - AurelijosSPA Carrot Sun Carrot tanning cream - AurelijosSPA
🥕with carrot oils


Tanning accelerators

Professional hair cosmetics

Hair Care With collagen helps restore natural hair softness and replenishes hair with nutrients.

Valotano® Milano style
Collagen collection
A formula that strengthens and increases the volume of hair
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Natural Face Cosmetics

Discover your favorite beauty products for your healthy and radiant skin! World-renowned brands and exclusive products.
We offer a choice from a carefully selected and high-quality range of cosmetics.

RARE Paris | Regenerating Facial Mist »Exception Rosée"- AurelijosSPA
RARE Paris
Face mist
Let your skin shine!
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Skalaris health | natural face creams made in Croatia - AurelijosSPA
Skalaris health
Perfect for your skin
Facial care products from Croatia
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by sevich

Lubricated hair vitamins

Each capsule is filled with natural argan, macadamia and avocado oils and vitamins E, A, C, E and Pro-Vit. B5, which help restore damaged hair

You can achieve more with us!

Modernize and upgrade your business with professional, next-generation cosmetology equipment.

The latest, highest quality and efficiency Cosmetology Machine for Exclusive Professional Use throughout the beauty industry.

All our distributed Cosmetic Equipment is made to order and can be individually assembled according to the customer's request. We guarantee the highest quality and the latest and most modern models.

At the customer's request, WE TRAIN TO WORK

For consultation, please contact us:

Tel .: + (370) -631-17279


AurelijosSPA - What is it?

This online store is dedicated to the customer who values ​​quality and time, so we offer carefully selected goods.

AurelijosSPA started its activities in 2017. in one of the most beautiful Lithuanian seaside cities - Šilutė. Our main field of activity is sales of cosmetology equipment and practical training. We try to keep pace with the latest and most advanced technologies. We are constantly expanding our product range, so every time you visit our online store you will be able to discover new products.

One of our top priorities is the highest quality. In order to ensure the quality of both cosmetology devices and cosmetology furniture, we choose only suppliers and manufacturers that meet the highest standards. All cosmetology equipment distributed by us is not in stock, production begins after the order is placed.

The production process consists of several stages: It is the production and testing of cosmetology devices. We give high priority to equipment testing, thus ensuring the highest quality standards. This great way allows our customers to feel safer and use the equipment for a long time.

At present, we can offer our customers a large selection of professional cosmetology devices. We ensure an uninterrupted supply of equipment throughout the year. We provide both warranty and post-warranty service.

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What can you find new?

Popular and coveted cosmetics that nourish the skin of the face and body. Exclusive professional product sets, gift sets and more ...




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Face and Lip Scrub
Feel the unparalleled softness and softness of facial and lip skin!
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