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Lymphatic drainage apparatus

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    Lymphatic Drainage Machine

    • Pressotherapy - tai body healing and recovery procedure. This lymphatic drainage massage combined with infrared rays is a particularly good detoxification method that also reduces swelling improves veins condition, forms the body lines, helps to treat cellulite.
    • These compression devices also help relieve fatigue, reduce joint and muscle pain, provide a feeling of lightness and strengthen the immune system. It is a completely painless and pleasant procedure that has the benefit of: it does not damage blood vessels and does not leave bruises, unlike vacuum procedures, it acts on increasing or decreasing pressure, as well as pressure with pulsation, but does not involve or stretch the tissues.
    • Thus, such a presotherapy procedure performed with a professional compression lymphatic drainage device may be useful even in cases where vacuum massage is not possible.
    • Lymphatic drainage devices are equipped with a full body compression suit, so pressotherapy can be performed on both arms and legs and on the whole body at the same time.

    The lymphatic drainage device can be completed individually or rented - contact the seller.

    In this Cosmetology Equipment category you will find:
    1. Compression Lymphatic Drainage Legs.
    2. Compression Lymphatic drainage Hand-held devices.
    3. Compression Lymphatic drainage Machine for abdomen - torso.
    4. Compression Lymphatic drainage Machine for the whole body.
    5. Compression Lymphatic drainage Machine with infrared heating function.
    6. Compression Lymphatic drainage Machine with electrical stimulation function.
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    5 products

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