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Hydra Water Dermabrasion Solutions

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    Hydra Water Dermabrasion Solutions

    Best quality Hydra Water Dermabrasion Cosmetics from Sweden

    It's professional, ready to use special Hydra Water Dermabrasion Sera - Solutions
    Designed to perform Hydra water dermabrasion procedures.
    • Enriched with vitamins and minerals.
    • Specially designed Hydra Water dermabrasion technology.
    • 3 different formulations allow to significantly improve the condition of the facial skin, Hydra During the Water Dermabrasion Procedure.
    • Helps maintain the moisture balance of facial skin, nourishes the skin and reduces redness during sanding.
    • The effect is visible after the first facial treatment.
    • The skin becomes smooth, smooth and soft.
    5 products

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