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Playful socks EAT MY SOCKS

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    Playful socks EAT MY SOCKS

    An original gift for Men, Women, Children and Teens!

    Why do people donate socks?
    Socks are a great gift any time of the year. Both in winter and in summer, socks will always provide comfort and warmth, which will never be too little!

    And whether it's fun or sophisticated, practical or unique, socks make an ideal, thoughtful and practical gift for any occasion. The most popular gift-giving day of the year is Christmas, when we unwrap our socks very often. So we invite you to take care of gifts in advance!

    Are socks a good gift?
    Rather, it is not so much a good gift, but an easy gift, especially for those you do not know well. On the other hand, socks are a great gift even for people whose interests you don't know or remember, such as co-workers or distant relatives. Beautifully packaged, a pair of comfortable and warm socks makes the perfect gift for men and women and anyone who walks on their feet! :)

    Can I give socks to a friend?
    Socks are a cute, adorable and playful gift, and it doesn't matter if you're giving them to a friend, sibling or even someone special and loved. Socks will always be warm and radiating warmth, and a thoughtful gesture when we give them to someone.

    What do the socks symbolize?
    In some cultures, socks are a symbol of social status, with higher status individuals wearing fancier and more expensive socks. In others, socks symbolize fertility, and newlyweds often change socks to encourage fertility.

    In addition to symbolism, socks are essential to good foot health as they provide protection, moisture control, temperature regulation and comfort to the feet. Socks help reduce friction and prevent blisters.

    PS are you looking for an original gift here and now? these playful socks EAT MY SOCKS, you can buy and pick up for free in Šilute!

    44 products

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