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Creams for scars and stretch marks

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    Science of Skin

    Creams for Scars and Stretch Marks

    "Science of Skin“Has been developing clinically proven facial and body skin care products since 2015 to help improve the appearance of surgical scars, scars and stretch marks left by acne-prone skin.

    "Science of SkinWas founded by one of the leading cosmetic surgeons in Great Britain Douglas McGeorge ir Ardeshir Bayat, a recognized academic skin biologist (with an international reputation for wound healing and skin scarring).

    Skin health experts are passionate about creating products that actually work. Many years of experience and a desire to improve the care needs of scarred skin have created the unique and currently the most popular scar treatment cream in Europe, Solution for Scars.

    The range also includes Rescue No. One Acne Scar Cream, which is designed for 
    for your perfect skin without scars.

    "Science of Skin“Offers natural, innovative, effective and reliable remedies for scars.

    2 products

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