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Hydra Water Dermabrasion Apparatus

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    Hydra Water Dermabrasion Apparatus

    • Hydra water dermabrasion is the latest technology in the beauty industry. These devices use a unique water washing system that simultaneously exfoliates, cleans and moisturizes the facial skin. Hydra system, as opposed to mechanical facial cleansing or diamond microdermabrasion - protects the skin from rough diamond crystals. During the procedure, with specially designed Hydra heads dead skin cells and impurities are removed, and at the same time the facial skin is richly moisturized, thus minimizing the redness of the skin and the effects of irritation that occurs after dry skin sanding.
    • HydraFacial - ts a procedure that exfoliates the skin, cleanses it and moisturizes it abundantly. It is suitable for all skin types and any condition (acne, dry, oily, wrinkled or young), even for sensitive and thin skin with rosacea or prone to hyperpigmentation, scarring.
    • The results are noticeable immediately.
    • Hydra this facial procedure can be performed once a month. 
    • Using Hydra Water dermabrasion system, during the procedure it is possible to perform acid scrubbing, after which the skin hardly or completely peels or to use specially designed Hydra solutions.

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