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    Body Scrubs

    What are the benefits of body scrubs?
    Body scrubs remove dead skin cells and offer several benefits: allowing the skin to better absorb moisturizers such as body cream, lotion or balm. Also, by removing dead skin cells, any moisturizer you apply later will absorb better into the skin. One of the best features of body scrubs, it effectively unclogs pores and promotes a smoother, more even skin texture.

    How often should you use a body scrub?
    We recommend scrubbing the skin regularly: 1-2 times a week. You should not use a body scrub every day, as too frequent body scrubs can damage the skin cells and prevent the natural renewal of the skin.

    Should you use a body scrub before or after washing your body?
    The body scrub is best used when the skin is free of dust and dirt. This way the scrub works more effectively! So, before using a body scrub, make sure that you wash off with lukewarm water and that there is no soap or body wash residue on your body.

    How important is a body scrub for a perfect tan?
    Exfoliating your body before tanning is a necessary step to a natural, even and long-lasting bronze tan that won't go away in a few days. A body scrub will remove dead skin cells or dry, flaky skin that the tan would stick to and wash off quickly.
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