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    Velashape 3 Apparatus operating principle 

    Drain the lymph and stimulate metabolism, resulting in a decrease in:
    Cellulite, body volume, softens scars, stretch marks, reduces swelling and improves skin tone, firmness and microcirculation.
    This massage reaches the deepest subcutaneous layers, where fat accumulates.
    Revolutionized modern cosmetology VELASHAPE 3 series apparatus.
    How does it work?
    VELASHAPE III uses a technology similar to that of LPG, but Velashape the uniqueness of this equipment is that it combines Radio Frequency operation, Infrared energy, Vacuum and rotating massage rollers.

    VELASHAPE unique combined operation:
    Vacuum, Radio Frequency, Infrared and specially designed rotating massage rollers smooth the skin, increase skin elasticity and firmness, effectively reduce cellulite.

    Unique money

    Intense massage, activates blood circulation, breaks down fat faster and thus detoxifies individual or whole body parts, slimming and effectively reduces cellulite.
    • Velashape The technology is designed to perform both Facial and Body treatments
    3 products

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