What to pack in your summer vacation travel suitcase?

AurelijosSPA tips on what to pack in your summer vacation travel suitcase?
"AurelijosSPA” compiled a list of TOP 5 summer items for your holiday suitcase!"
AurelijosSPA beauty salon, located in one of the most beautiful seaside towns - Šilute. AurelijosSPA would like to remind you that not only before the vacation, but also after it, the skin needs more attention, so that when the hot weather hits, our skin is already properly cared for and properly moisturized. In this case, before or after the holiday, your facial skin is perfectly suited for intensive moisturizing and skin brightening.HydraFacial" facial treatment. Well, if you like the cold in summer, we invite you to try the pleasantly freezing Cryotherapy facial treatment, during which you will not only restore the lost moisture balance of the skin, but also have firmer skin and an instant skin lifting effect.
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If you would like more information, please visit AurelijosSPA in the online store, where you can not only learn more about the face and body treatments performed in the beauty salon, but also choose the highest quality face and body care products, without which it would probably be difficult to imagine a vacation. Until the end of this summer, in our online store https://aurelijosspa.lt we will delight our customers with discounts on summer season goods and tanning cosmetics, such as tanning cream or tanning oil, which help to make the tanning process simple, fast and fresh-smelling. AurelijosSPA.lt compiled a list of TOP 5 summer items for your holiday suitcase:
  1. Mango and Orange Body Scrub SCRUBIE with Brown Sugar. Why should you keep this product in mind when preparing for your vacation? We recommend using a sugar scrub before preparing for a sun tan. After removing dead skin cells, you will get not only smooth, soft and fragrant skin, but also an even and long-lasting tan.
  2. If you want to quickly and effortlessly get a rich dark tan while sunbathing on the beach, we suggest you take along a tanning product with a fresh watermelon scent: "Instant Tan Jam with Watermelon and Mango BRONZIE".
  3. Do you want to shine on the beach, stand out from the crowd and get more pleasant attention? We suggest adding glitter tanning oil to your travel bag: "Instant Tanning Oil with Watermelon and Mango GOLDIE".
  4. Just as we need rest, our skin needs a soothing and moisturizing effect after sunbathing."Moisturizing Body Yogurt MILKIE with Coconut Water" will pleasantly cool the skin after the hot sun, restore the natural moisture balance and ensure that your skin does not dry out.
  5. Well, if the sun's rays do not spoil you during your vacation, we suggest that you always have self-tanning products on hand, such as "Self-tanning water MISTIE" or "Self Tanning Cream TANZIE". So, even if the vacation doesn't go well, look exceptional and with an irresistibly dark tan.

Well, if for unforeseen reasons you had to postpone your long-dreamed vacation, but you still want to have a naturally tanned body, as if you came back from Turkey, aurelijosspa.lt offers a simple solution. "Dr. Viton BRONZAN Self-tanning capsules", which will make it easier and natural to achieve a dark and intense golden bronze tan without the sun and all year round!

AurelijosSPA I wish everyone to have an unforgettable summer and experience wonderful moments, because little things like the charm of a moment will stick in your memory and make you happy every time you remember it, so in the end I want to quote Mandy Hale, because all good things are in the little things: "To make someone's life different, you don't have to be wonderful, rich, beautiful or perfect. You just need to care.".