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     Carrot Sun acts as a natural tanning accelerator, allowing you to tan faster, spending less time in the sun or burning under tanning lamps, and the gel cream texture is instantly absorbed into the skin!

    As we know, sunny days do not make us happy all year round! But what is great about using Carrot Sun tanning cream can be tanned even on cloudy days.


    • Active substances L-tyrosine ir Carrot oil accelerates the natural tanning process of the skin.
    • Natural Almond oil nourishes and richly thanks to the skin, and moisturized skin tans best!
    • NaturalHenna"plant extract, thanks to natural bronzanof them, helps to create a perfect, golden and long-lasting tan.
    • Wheat germ oil supports skin elasticity. Promotes even skin tone. Fights free radicals. Natural source of Omega-3 fatty acids Vitamins: A, B, D and E.

    Carrot Sun | Carrot tanning cream with carotene - AurelijosSPA

    🥕 Carrot Sun Carrot tanning cream will help you create a deeper and darker tan than ever before, and in the sun or solarium you will need much less time to achieve maximum tanning results. It's great!
    🥕 We all love the bronze radiance of the skin that can be given to us by a natural tan enriched with carrot oil from Carrot Sun®.
    🥕 And that sense of confidence when you know your skin looks beautifully tanned and makes you feel amazing!

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    8 products

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