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HI-EMT EMS Apparatus

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    EMS Apparatus HI-EMT

    Muscle Electrostimulation Therapy Apparatus

    HI-EMT technology is a high-intensity electromagnetic muscle stimulator (EMS).

    Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) uses electrical signals at a higher frequency to stimulate muscle fibers to contract. These muscle contractions increase blood flow as well as the distribution of nutrients, and can employ more muscle fibers than normal warm-ups or workouts. It is for these reasons that athletes and trainers use EMS Electrostimulation Devices to help the body recover faster, increase muscle strength and endurance, and reduce the risk of muscle injury.

    Use of EMS Apparatus in the field of beauty:
    HI-EMT technology causes approximately 20 forced muscle contractions during the EMS procedure, which are considered to be super-maximum contractions that would be very difficult to perform during training and would require a great deal of effort.

    The EMS Apparatus forces the muscles to contract up to 20 times more often and more intensely than during workouts, so our body performs the highest intensity workout without tiring at all. During this EMS ESLIM workout:

    • The body becomes stronger and more beautiful
    • The fat layer decreases
    • The muscles that form beautiful body lines grow

    EMS Apparatus result of procedures performed:

    The 30-minute procedure corresponds to 20000 exercises,
    such as squats or bends.

    EMC electrostimulation procedure
    it’s body shaping effortlessly in the gym!

    After just 2-4 courses of EMS treatments, you should see increased muscle mass results and reduced fat layer, isn't that great?

    1 product

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