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    Self Tanning Collection

    Dr. Viton BRONZAN BIO

    A light skin tan in preparation for a colorful summer and all year round!
    A beautiful summer skin tan is easy to forget when you are on holiday in the warm season, but if you want your skin to always be colorfully bright bronze in any weather, use the highest quality Dr. Viton BRONZAN BIO collection of products!

    Hot sun and rising temperatures can burn and dehydrate the skin, causing serious problems that can be long lasting. Dr. Viton BRONZAN BIO | Spontaneous Skin Tanning care products can ensure that your skin will always be tanned and healthy!

    Dr. Viton has been taking care of effective and safe self-tanning for 9 years.

    Bronzan is a new generation and ilthe result of years of nature-inspired research. Accelerated tan capsules and serum are an advanced self-tanning formula. Dr. Viton BRONZAN BIO Self Tanning the products are enriched with natural ingredients that nourish the skin and prevent it from drying out.

    In this collection of self-tanning products you can find:
    Self - tanning capsules Bronzan BIO
    Self - tanning serum Bronzan BIO

    It is a natural, long-lasting and irresistible golden bronze tan whole year!

    Official distributor in Lithuania: AurelijosSPA™

    3 products

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