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    Solarium Creams and Tanning Cosmetics

    Australian Gold - is a global brand of tanning products that has been operating worldwide for over 30 years.

    The most popular tools: professional tanning creams, lotions, self-tanning cosmetics and sun protection cosmetics. Product formulas consist of natural and effective active ingredients that promote tanning and nourish the skin.

    All products of this brand are certified and safe to use. Australian Gold tanning cosmetics are vegan, made without animal testing and environmentally friendly. Tanning creams are made using a proven, high-quality and patented American formula that gives tanning products moisturizing, nourishing, anti-aging and skin regenerating properties.

    Using professional solariums Australian Gold products, you will not only take care of your tan or ensure protection from the sun, but also take care of your skin.

    Tarp Australian Gold products, you will find all the necessary tools that you can use for tanning or sun protection. It can be a sunscreen with SPF 50 ar SPF 30, face cream with SPF 15, tanning oil or tanning lotion. If you often visit solariums, you will probably notice that among the choices they offer, there is usually a row Australian Gold tanning cream for a more even, longer-lasting tan. It is also important to take care of the skin after sunbathing. This can be a special moisturizing cream, milk or lotion.

    One of the most popular Australian Gold solarium creams - Dark Tanning Accelerator 250ml.

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    39 products

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