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Cryotherapy Apparatus for the Face

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    Cryotherapy Apparatus for the Face

    Cold therapy for the face - Radiate the skin instantly!

    This is a unique method for fast and effective skin rejuvenation using Cryotherapy. Efficacy is visible after the first procedure and has a long lasting effect.
    Facial cryotherapy uses a cold that can reach up to -15 ° C
    Usually used for cryotherapy from + 5 ° C Iki -15 ° C. This ensures the maximum results that can be achieved during the procedure.

    When working with this machine, your customer will not feel discomfort due to the icy cold, as the temperature changes slowly and evenly.

    Benefits of cryotherapy for the face:

    Oda becomes brighter, firmer and radiant.
    Maknows the signs of skin aging.
    Jerina skin permeability.
    • Ice therapy for the face is perfect for the introduction of active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin.
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