Cosmetology Equipment

The latest, highest quality and efficiency cosmetology devices are designed exclusively for Professional use in the entire beauty industry.

* All Lithuanian banks. Leasing. Visa. Master Card. American Express. Stripe. Discover. *Paypal.

12-24 months

From 7 to 11 days We trained to work.

* We offer a payout option. We cooperate with GF.lt Various payment methods with a deferral of 50/50, 60/40 are also available. This is a great way to buy equipment for a fraction of the amount.

* The buyer pays 50% or 60% of the amount when purchasing the equipment. The remaining part of the equipment is paid by the buyer when he wishes to receive the equipment at his specified address. After paying the balance, we deliver the purchased device.

The latest generation of cosmetology devices aurelijosspa.lt - A Modern Solution For Your Business!