Self Tanning Glove BODYBITE

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Savaiminio įdegio pirštinė BODYBITE
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Self Tanning Glove BODYBITE

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Self Tanning Glove BODYBITE

Want to speed up the self-tanning process and make it more enjoyable?

This glove is designed for even application of self-tanners such as self-tanning foam, self Tanning Cream or lotion and uMake sure that the products are applied evenly, without streaks.

The distribution glove is made of extremely soft and luxurious velvet material, i.ebecause it is very pleasant to use, besides, you will avoid unwanted stains on the body, and your hands will remain perfectly clean.

The glove is washable for multiple use.

USE: put on a glove, apply the self-tanner to the skin in light circular motions. To protect your hands from unwanted color, wash them thoroughly after use. It can be washed in a washing machine at a temperature of up to 40C (we do not recommend using fabric softener during washing).

Product information:
Tipas: Self-tanning glove
Color: Ruda
Material: Velvet and microfiber
Characteristics: 50% PU, 40% POLYESTER, 10% TPU.
Use: For face and body
Purpose: For even coverage of self-tanners
Origin country: Slovenia
Manufacturer: Bodybite
Shipping: 2-3 working days in Lithuania

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