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Paysera - A secure, easy, cheap way to make payments and send or receive money online. Every day, we work to make complex and lengthy processes simple and make expensive services cheaper.

International transfers worldwide

Low prices for international transfers

Using Paysera, you will pay less for transfers in different currencies, because we apply very favorable rates for our services to our customers. If you also want to make inexpensive international transfers, then log in or register at Paysera and see for yourself now! You can pay the prices and conditions of international transfers found here.

International transfers within one day

Money transfers through a bank can sometimes take up to a week or more, but using Paysera system will save you not only money but also your precious time. For international transfers, depending on the urgency and country of the selected transfer, the money will be transferred within 1-3 business days. It is also possible to make instant (SEPA Instant) transfers up to EUR 15 in just a few seconds (000/24). Such transfers are available between banks that are connected to SEPA Instant systems.

Currency exchange online

You can use before making an international transfer Paysera currency conversion calculator, which compares the exchange rates provided by banks in real time and always offers the same or even better rate. For exchanges of more than EUR 5 000, an even better exchange rate is applied. All Paysera supported currencies and an exchange rate calculator found here.

Different currencies in one account

Do I often have to make transfers in different currencies from different accounts? With Paysera you can have one, free multi-currency account that takes just minutes to open and top up. You can store up to 30 different currencies in one account and use them for international transfers or online payments.

Money transfers between Paysera

No matter where you are or what currency you make transfers to, everyone Paysera customers can make unlimited and free transfers to each other, at all Paysera supported currencies. Need to transfer money urgently to a friend or family member? International money transfers between Paysera users reach the recipient immediately!