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    RARE Paris

    Made in: France

     “We love living a full life, so we created a practical, a purposeful and fast-acting facial skin care collection. Our 4 formulas, which are based on natural ingredients, meets the needs of all skin types: regenerates, moisturizes, soothing, feed ir value skin." - RARE Paris

    Let your skin shine no matter what! The unique facial mist that nourishes and moisturizes the facial skin perfectly adapts to each of our lifestyles, so that from morning to evening and from evening to morning our skin looks and feels young and refreshed.

    Thanks to the cocktail of active ingredients and vitamins, you can be sure that your skin will glow even after sleepless nights, strenuous work or after sunbathing.

    This delicate balance needs to be maintained at all times. "RARE Paris"A regenerating facial mist designed to help your skin get what it needs most - love.

    I choosepink its beautiful skin and palepink her!

    17 products

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