Self Tanning Water MISTIE

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Savaiminio įdegio vanduo MISTIE - Bodybite
Bodybite MISTIE Savaiminio įdegio vanduo su kokosų vandeniu
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Savaiminio įdegio vanduo MISTIE - Bodybite
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Self Tanning Water MISTIE

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Self Tanning Water MISTIE

Effortlessly create a natural-looking and long-lasting face and body tan!

What is MISTIE? - This is an easy-to-use self-tanning mist with a tropical fruit scent and quick results. Contains 100% natural active ingredients ensure long-lasting, even and waterproof self-tanning.

The self-tanning mist is enriched with aloe vera juice and coconut water, so it intensively moisturizes, nourishes and refreshes the skin.


  • This self-tanning mist gives the skin a tan effect quickly.
  • Look exclusive and feel like you’re back from a great vacation!
  • Sprayed self-tanning water dries instantly, so you won't feel any stickiness on your skin and you can immediately put on even the whitest clothes.
  • Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.
  • Absorbs quickly and does not leave orange shades and stains.
  • Enriched with minerals and vitamins!

How to use self-tanning water?

  1. Exfoliate the skin: For best tanning results, prep your skin beforehand to remove dead skin cells for a more even and long-lasting tan.
  2. Spray mist: Shake the bottle before use. Spray evenly on the face or body from a distance of 15-20 centimeters. If necessary, use a cotton pad to distribute evenly.
  3. Please wait: Self-tanning water is absorbed into the skin in 1-2 minutes, and you will get a self-tan in 5-6 hours, so do not bathe until then.
  4. Repeat: The tan fades evenly after about 7-10 days. Using an additional application, you will intensify the tan according to your wishes.

Is MISTIE self-tanning water good for the body?
Of course! You can use MISTIE self-tanning spray on the face, neck, décolleté and the whole body. So you can enjoy full body self-tanning!

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Fast Tanning of the Face and Neck!
Self-tanning water MISTIE - Bodybite

Is MISTIE Self Tanner Water Resistant?
Yes! You can shower and not worry about the color of the tan washing off. However, you should be aware that, like all self-tanners, it starts to slowly fade after a week. To maintain an even, beautiful and dark tan, simply reapply MISTIE.

Exclusive Ingredients:

Soothing to the skin aloes - For your beauty!
Aloe vera, otherwise known as aloe vera, has a lot of useful substances. Aloe vera is rich in vitamins B12, A, and C, as well as minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, sodium, chromium or zinc. This plant is also rich in folic acid and amino acids.

Coconut water regenerates skin cells and gives the skin more elasticity.

Also contains glycerin, thanks to which we can make our skin bright and smooth. Glycerin helps to moisturize dry and sensitive skin and ensures normal cell renewal and strengthens the protective barrier of the skin.

Product information:
Mole: 100ml
Tipas: Self-tanning water
Texture: It's foggy
Smell: Tropical fruit
Use: For face and body
Purpose: For self-tanning
Origin country: Slovenia
Manufacturer: Bodybite
Shipping: 2-3 working days in Lithuania

* delivery terms in other countries

Tanning Mist Self Tanning Water

Effortless, quick and easy application that gives you a golden glow all year round - Look tanned all year round!

What is Self-Tanning Water?

MISTIE Self Tanning Mist. Transparent self-tanning spray water, in which skin-nourishing vitamins and active tan-giving and stimulating substances are interwoven. Getting the tan you want has never been so easy without sunlight, solarium or even in winter!

How long does one last Tanning Mist Self tanning water bottle?

It depends on how intensely you use it and how hard you want to tan. Self-tanning water should be enough for a whole month;)

Ar Tanning Mist Does self-tanning water work even if there is no sun?

Yes! Because you don't need the sun! It is an advanced formula with natural ingredients to promote natural self-tanning. So you will enjoy using it in the cold season, when you are not spoiled by the sun's rays.

Can my skin take on an orange hue?

Absolutely not! The MISTIE spray tan formula delivers a summery natural tan that doesn't give off an orange color or cast.

How fast does a tan occur?

Tanning Mist the self-tanning mist dries in just 1-2 minutes, providing a rich, natural-looking tan that builds and appears within 5 hours.

Can I take a shower after spraying with self-tanning water?

Of course! The effect of self-tanning mist lasts for up to a week, so you can wash even when the tanning water dries and absorbs into your wonderful skin. Tanning Mist gradually it will be like your tanning ritual, so just use it every day so that the tanning effect and the glow of the skin will always remain intense and unique!

It is so simple and very effective!

Hold the self-tanner bottle at a distance of 15-20 cm and spray evenly on the face and chest area, arms, legs and any other areas where you want the desired tan. The tan is formed 5 hours after blowing.

If you want the tan to be more intense:

Use again. Wait 3-4 hours for a tan to form, then repeat the tanning procedure to get a darker and richer tan.

Professional advice: To maintain a perfect shine for longer, repeat the Self-Tanning Water Spray procedure every 3-5 days.

Tip for blondes: Spray your hair line when spraying self-tanning mist :)

MISTIE self-tanner with natural ingredients suitable for vegans. The formula does not contain harmful sulfites and sulfates and does not have an unpleasant smell.

This regular rejuvenating self-tanning product contains aloe vera and glycerin, which moisturize your skin and protect it from moisture loss.

Thanks to the transparent, water-based self-tanning water formula, you no longer have to worry about soiled clothes or bedding.


Aqua, dihydroxyacetone, sorbitol, glycerin, hydrogenated castor oil PEG-40, erythrulose, panthenol, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, xanthan gum, perfume, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, sodium sulfite, lactic acid, citric acid, coumarin, hexyl cinnamal, limonene , linalool, alpha-isomethyl ionone.

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