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Hair care with collagen Valotano

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    Hair Care With Collagen VALOTANO

    Give thin, sparse and damaged hair firmness with Valotano hair care collection with collagen and vitamin B7. Enjoy more hair volume and healthier hair.

    Hair treatments with collagen can be performed on any type of hair, but they are best suited for:
    🟢For dry hair.
    🟢For damaged and colored hair.
    🟢For coarse hair.
    🟢For curved hair.

    VALOTANO contains collagen to deeply restore damaged hair, restore hair fiber strength and elasticity, reduce breakage and tip splitting.

    Collagen: is a key protein in the body that helps maintain healthy, strong and supple hair and flawless skin. However, with age, the body's production of collagen decreases, so our hair becomes brittle, dry and rough.

    Collagen can also benefit your scalp by maintaining a healthy dermis, preventing hair loss and reducing dandruff. Regular use of hair care products with collagen can promote hair growth.

    8 products

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