Stripe Payments

Stripe Payments


"StripeIs a technology company that creates an economic Internet infrastructure. Businesses of all sizes - from start-ups to state-owned companies - use our software to accept payments and manage their online business.

Our global payment platformStripe“Enables companies around the world to adapt, including dozens of industry leaders processing billions in annual payments. We help companies streamline development around the world, optimize their payment infrastructure, and easily add new business models and revenue streams.

Accelerate your international expansion. Accept payments from customers worldwide using payment cards in more than 135 countries. Offer dozens of local payment methods to help you improve your conversion rates and create a better customer experience. Let 'sStripe“Manage the complex nuances of regulation in each new country so you can focus on your core business.

Advanced revenue optimization
"Stripe“Allows you to accept, hold, manage and pay money worldwide with a single integration. "Stripe“Maximizes corporate revenue by improving the authorization rates for each payment and reducing the number of rejections.

Leader in payment infrastructure
Businesses of all sizes rely onStripeTo ensure leading-edge operation and efficiency. We are certified to the highest standards of compliance and safety. "StripeWas named leader of The Forrester Wave and achieved the highest scores of all rated companies in both the current offer and future strategy categories. We are constantly deploying improvements to our platform that handles more than 200 million business-critical API requests every day.

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