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Velashape Machine 3 - AurelijosSPA
Velashape 3 Plus Machines - AurelijosSPA
Velashape 3 Plus Machines - AurelijosSPA
Velashape 3 Plus Machines - AurelijosSPA
Velashape 3 Plus Machines - AurelijosSPA
Velashape 3 Plus Machines - AurelijosSPA
Velashape 3 Plus Machines - AurelijosSPA
Velashape 3 Plus Machines - AurelijosSPA
Velashape 3 Plus Machines - AurelijosSPA

Velashape 3 Machines Plus 4in1

Italy SPA equipments
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€ 7,900.00
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€ 7,900.00
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Velashape III Machines Plus 4in1

Great Velashape 3 Velasmooth nozzle - For body treatments:

* Infrared rays
* Radio frequency
* Vacuum
* Automatic rotating rollers

Average Velashape Nozzle 3 - For facial procedures:
* Infrared rays
* Radio frequency
* Vacuum

WHO is it for

For body contouring. Volume reduction. For the treatment of cellulite.

The latest and most advanced technology.

We offer you one of the most recognized non-invasive body shaping procedures currently on the market "on the wave" - VelaShape III Machines Plus 4in1

These procedures have been shown to reduce cellulite. Reduces the volume of the thighs, abdomen, buttocks - in areas that women consider problem areas. This profound, consistent, therapeutic treatment ensures effective reproductive results.

Velashape 3 Machine Tip Set (4pcs.)
Velashape 3 Plus Machines - AurelijosSPA
Unique money
Give customers what they want:

VelaShape is the most common body shaping method. VelaShape is one of the most recognized non-invasive methods of body improvement in the world.

Power and speed.
Su VelaShape 3 device you can achieve the desired result in less time. Velashape technology uses up to 150W of RF power from bipolar radio frequency waves. This reduces the time required for treatment. This can reduce the number of treatment sessions by up to 75% compared to analogous procedures such as cavitation.

Candle Shape 3 the procedure is similar to a hot stone massage.

Candle Shape 3 the procedure often takes less than an hour.
The VelaShape III course program can be used on any type of skin, at any time of the year and in any climate.

  • Easy to use.
  • Designed for both body and facial treatments.
  • High procedural efficiency.
  • Strong flow of new income.
  • The course of treatment can be easily divided into four, six, eight or more sessions.
  • Business continuity. Candle Shape 3 supports patient return, and each visit means greater confidence in the procedures you provide and changes in effective client body shaping.

Versatility of treatment.
Using You can use VelaShape 3 perform whole body procedures regardless of the client’s age and skin type.

Easy to use. Six valuable features:
1. Focus: The success of your practice.
2. Real time analysis.
3. Increases patient comfort.
4. A summary of changes in the body shape of each client is recorded.
5. Effective results.
6. Powerful bipolar radio frequency wave amplitude.

Clever design.
Unique design Ergonomic applicators. The foot pedal is designed to reduce fatigue during the procedure.
Velashape 3 Machines - AurelijosSPA

Complete set

Velashape 3 apparatus - 1
10.2 - inch touch screen - 1
Large nozzle with display - 1
Medium nozzle with display - 1
Velashape Set of 3 Interchangeable Tips - 4pcs.
Control pedal - 1
Fuses - 2
Power cord - 1
User manual in US / LT language - 1
Manufacturer's warranty 18 months

Device information

Tension: 220V - 50Hz, 20A max.
Power: 300W
Radio frequency: 1-5MHz
Radio frequency energy: 50J / cm2
Infrared power: 4-22W
Infrared: 850nm light waves.
Vacuum: Pulsed)
Vacuum pressure: 90kpa
Roller speed: ~ 69 rpm
Weight: 70 kg
Packaging: 60x50x155 cm
CE certificate
Delivery time ~ 7-11 days

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Edinburgh Scotland

Hello I am very glad to have discovered you. I am happy with the distance learning and of course my new machine. Thank you again for the cartel!


We really appreciate your trust in us and would like to thank you for your wonderful feedback :)

Daugavpils Latvia
Velashape 3 devices

I was able to quickly find a supplier and they met my needs. Velashape the machine was easy to use and looks amazing in my cabin. We very much welcome that!


We really appreciate your trust in us and thank you very much for your wonderful feedback and excellent rating!

Kaunas Lithuania
Velashape 3

Only positive feedback! The equipment works flawlessly. Thank you very much for everything;)


Glad to hear. Thank you so much for a great review!

Düsseldorf Germany

Order received. thanks! it was nice to work with you! Sincerely Gabriella Smith.


Thank you a lot! and for the great feedback :)

Vilnius Lithuania

Real professionals. We will cooperate in the future!


Thanks for the great feedback :)