Tanning set SUN KISSED BOX

Įdegio priemonių rinkinys - BYROKKO Shine Brown Sun Kissed Box
BYROKKO Original Sun Kissed Box - Shine Brown įdegio kremų rinkinys su nuolaida
BYROKKO Original Sun Kissed Box - Shine Brown įdegio kremų rinkinys su nuolaida
BYROKKO Original Sun Kissed Box - Shine Brown įdegio kremų rinkinys su nuolaida
Shine Brown įdegio kremas - BYROKKO
After Sun kremas po deginimosi saulėje ar soliariume - BYROKKO
BYROKKO Original Sun Kissed Box - Shine Brown įdegio kremų rinkinys su nuolaida
Aloe Vera Drėkinamasis gelis po deginimosi - BYROKKO
BYROKKO Original Sun Kissed Box - Shine Brown įdegio kremų rinkinys su nuolaida
Įdegio priemonių rinkinys Sun Kissed Box - BYROKKO

Tanning set SUN KISSED BOX

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BYROKKO Tanning Tool Set

Clever Shine Brown tanning kit with the most popular BYROKKO products. Get the tan you want 3 times faster! A great gift for Her or Him.

A smart set of tanning tools with the most popular BYROKKO products.

Surprise the one you love! 💝
It can be a great gift for her and him

BYROKKO The most popular natural tanning products in Lithuania and Europe - AurelijosSPA

What's inside the package:

Unique Money

  1. I choosepinkite has a natural and even 3 times faster tanning effect when used Shine Brown tanning cream.
  2. After Sun cream ir Aloe Vera Gelis - Moisturizing skin care products for use after intense sunburn. Don’t let your amazing skin dry out and maintain your skin’s natural moisture balance!
  3. It is a perfect, synergistic 3 products setwhich goes well with using together. During and after sunburn, your skin will be pampered and your tan will last much longer!
  4. A stylish and beautiful looking set can also be a great gift for HER or HIM.
  5. Buy SUN KISSED BOX Tanning set at a discount!
Shine Brown feedback speak for themselves!

2 x Shine Brown cream - 210 ml
1 x Aloe Vera Gel moisturizing gel - 200ml
1 x After Sun after sun cream - 180ml

Country of origin:

1-3 days

BYROKKO tanning set - Shine brown cream - AurelijosSPA

SHINE BROWN is your tanning ritual

Works effectively and is suitable for all skin types.

Ar Shine Brown can tanning cream be used when visiting a solarium?

This is a tanning aid that we recommend using when visiting a solarium or sunbathing. You can get amazing results with Shine Brown cream even without SUN or winter!

How long is enough for one Shine Brown packaging?

It depends on how intensely you use it and how hard you want to tan. Shine Brown should be enough for the whole month;)

Ar Shine Brown tanning cream effective for tanning in a solarium?

Yes! Get the coveted bronze tan you want with up to 3 times faster use Shine Brown tanning cream or Shine Brown tanning oil!

What is the Aloe Vera Gel?

Aloe vera gelis - is used when sunburn or tanning has become too intense for you and your skin needs quick and effective help. Aloe vera gel protects the skin from dehydration, prevents it from flaking, perfectly moisturizes and helps relieve pain after excessive and intense sunburn or solarium. We recommend that you always have this protective and moisturizing gel with you. ;)

What is the After Sun cream?

After Sun After-sun cream is a uniquely cooling skin protection product that should be used after every sunbathing or tanning session. Using After Sun after sunburn, your skin will be softer and smoother, and your tan will last much longer!

Shine Brown - Irreplaceable tanning cream in the Solarium

Apply Shine Brown tan cream on your body and let the solarium do all the work for you. In a week, you’ll look like you’ve just come back from vacation in the tropics!

For the first time, start with lower tanning intensity regimes. Gradually increasing the intensity of the tanning lamps will tan more.

Also use Shine Brown tan cream even when sunny and not!

Wonderful heavenly aroma and a perfect solid sun-kissed tan for the first time !.

• Drink plenty of water during sunburn.

• Sunbathe in the sun from 8am to 11am and from 16pm

• Shine Brown apply sunscreen daily when you are in the sun or going to the solarium.

• After sunbathing, take a cold shower.

• To soothe irritated and reddened skin after sunbathing or sunbathing, apply all over the body Aloe Vera Geliu and wait for about 5-10 minutes until completely absorbed into the skin.

• Use for extra skin protection After Sun cream after sunburn. The cooling and cooling cream will moisturize your skin, preventing it from drying out and help your tan last much longer!

Everything you need for your skin and a perfect, well-groomed and long-lasting tan

2 pcs SHINE BROWN tanning cream, for a faster and more effective tan!

1 pcs AFTER SUN cooling effect after sunburn

1 pcs ALOE VERA GEL moisturizing gel with aloe

These products do not protect against UV rays. We do not recommend using these products for children and people with particularly sensitive skin and those with extremely light skin. Before lubricating BYROKKO Shine Brown cream, we recommend using an additional SPF protective guards - perfect for that BYROKKO CREAM SPF 25

For external use only!

BYROKKO the collection of tanning and after-sun protection products includes:

Shine Brown Tanning cream is the most popular tanning agent in Europe, used for sunbathing or solarium.

Shine Brown Tanning oil is an excellent absorbing tanning agent. All you need is sunlight or a solarium.

Shine Bronze dry oil-gloss - a means of highlighting an already existing tan with glitter. Also suitable for hair lubrication.

Cream SPF 25 - Protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays by regularly using a sunscreen with SPF 25 protective filters.

After Sun after-sun cream - moisturize and protect your skin from dehydration by using it regularly after each tan in the solarium or in the sun.

Aloe Vera Gel moisturizing gel - Overheating in the sun? Aloe Vera moisturizing gel will quickly moisturize and soothe irritated and damaged skin.

Coconut Bomb hair mask - awesome BYROKKO family piece, in just 10 minutes of use, feel the amazing effect of light and fluffy hair.

Buying more always pays off! Buy 2 packs BYROKKO products and more and take advantage of great discounts Shine Brown the price is now only 20.90 €

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