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Serum Deluxe - For Curls Control T-Lab Professional - AurelijosSPA
Serum Deluxe - For Curls Control T-Lab Professional - AurelijosSPA

Frizz Control Serum Deluxe | Serum for Curl Control

T-Lab Professional
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Frizz Control Serum Deluxe is formulated with a Unique Natural Complex (UNC) consisting of Simonds Oil


Frizz Control covers the hair, giving it protection, protects it from adverse environmental conditions, smoothes out bumps, nourishes wonderfully, restores hair structure and does not make it more difficult.

Protects hair from branching.


Branches with hair ends, or faded by frequent coloring, straightening, or curling.


The Unique Natural Complex (UNC) consists of

Simonds Oil - deeply nourishes and moisturizes hair,

Vegetable Keratin - regenerates the lipid barrier of hair, as well as actively fills cuticle lesions, giving them vitality, elasticity and shine,

Silk Proteins - provide special help for hair with branched hair ends or weakened by frequent coloring, straightening or curling.


Spray the serum on the hair and distribute evenly over damp hair, concentrated on the ends. Do not apply to roots. Dry your hair