Purifying | Moisturizing cream

Casmara SKU: VTH52524
Purifying - Drėkinamasis Deguoninis Kremas | Casmara - AurelijosSPA

Purifying | Moisturizing cream

Casmara SKU: VTH52524
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A cream with a soft and light texture. For normal and combination skin.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS RIBOXYL® and hyaluronic acid.



· Riboxyl®: stimulates natural cellular respiration.

· Cerasome Oxygen®: delivers oxygen microcapsules directly to cells.


 The activity of cells that receive oxygen triples and cell division increases by 20%. So the skin becomes more elastic, softer and radiant.


A formula suitable for both men and women and for all skin types, especially tight, poorly oxygenated and matte, even for the youngest consumers.


Apply on clean facial skin, foam with a gentle massage, leave for 5min. and rinse well with water.

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