Jade Stone Massager

Jade Rollerblading SKU: VTH59974
Nefrito akmens masažuoklis - Jade roller
Nefrito masažuoklis - Jade roller
Nefrito volelis veidui - Jade roller

Jade Stone Massager

Jade Rollerblading SKU: VTH59974
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Jade Stone Massager

Jade massagers are a quick and effective tool that allows beauty salon procedures to be moved into every woman’s home. Nthe weaving is infinitely simple and clear, and the results of the facial massage are immediately visible.


Jade facial roller, gently massages the skin and activates lymph flow and improves metabolism. Massage improves the supply of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the cells, which activates the processes of cell renewal and removes toxins. For this reason, over time, the skin acquires a more beautiful, fresher complexion, and wrinkles become less visually noticeable. In addition, the facial muscles and tense jaw relax, so you look more rested, in a better mood and relaxed.

 ⭐Facial massage is not in vain called facial training!
⭐Then a jade massager contributes to the firmness of your skin!


  1. We recommend storing the jade roller in a cool place, in the refrigerator or keep it in cold water with ice for 1-2 minutes before performing the massage.
  2. The jade roller massage lasts for about a minute or two, and due to the cooling effect of the jade stone, this massage becomes a very pleasant ritual of the day.
  3. The massage technique is not complicated at all, but it is important to perform massage movements in the direction of lymphatic movement in order to activate lymphatic drainage.
  4. Gently squeeze the massager from the nose to the ear side, then perform such movements from the chin to the forehead, and do it on both sides of the face.
  5. The neck is massaged from the bottom up. The jade massager is double-sided, so it has a wider roller, which is designed for massaging larger areas of the face (cheeks, neck, foreheads) and a narrower one, which is suitable for the eyes, nose and eyebrows.

We recommend using the massager with the following facial serums:

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