Male Hair Styling Gel

MKS eco Marrakesh Vyriškas Plaukų Formavimo Gelis su argano ir kanapių aliejumi, padeda lengviau iššukuoti ir formuoti plaukus, kad jie neatrodytų lipnūs ir pleiskanoti

Male Hair Styling Gel

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Male Hair Styling Gel

MKS eco Marrakesh

With MKS eco Porter hair styling gel you can create a light or super strong hairstyle. This alcohol-free formula, enriched with argan and hemp seed oils, helps to detangle and style hair without feeling sticky or flaky.


  • Designed to hold differently depending on the amount used - the more, the stronger the hold
  • Provides flexible fixation and does not flake
  • Nourishes and gives shine

This MKS eco Porter hair styling gel alcohol-free, non-sticky and universal fixation, non-drying and lasts all day. "MKS eco Porter" is enriched with a mixture of nourishing oils, including argan and hemp seed oil, which provide the necessary moisture to the hair without weighing it down. Panthenol and proteins strengthen and thicken the hair, make it easier to comb and give the hair strength and shine. Improved hair styling gel provides long-lasting hold that can be layered to select desired hold intensity.

Argan oil is known for its excellent moisturizing effect. The high fatty acid content of argan oil makes it an effective ingredient in hair conditioners. Argan oil not only moisturizes hair, but also softens, repairs and protects damaged hair, including dry, color-treated hair.

Use: distribute a small amount of product on clean, damp or dry hair. Form as usual.

Fragrance Mannish: patchouli, sandalwood, notes of wild spices.

Product information:
Mole: 236ml
Tipas: Hair styling gel
Country of origin: USA MKS eco Marrakesh - Professional hair cosmetics - AurelijosSPA (United States of America)
Manufacturer: MKS eco Marrakesh
Delivery time: 2-3 working days (in Lithuania)

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