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Cryotherapy Machines for Face 3in1 - AurelijosSPA
Cryotherapy Machines for Face 3in1 - AurelijosSPA
Cryotherapy Machines for Face 3in1 - AurelijosSPA
Cryotherapy Machines for Face 3in1 - AurelijosSPA

Cryotherapy Machines for Face 3in1

Cryo 360
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Cryotherapy Machines for Face 3in1

It is multifunctional Cryotherapy refrigeration apparatus. By combining cold and heat energy.

Cryotherapy with this Cold Machines is an apparatus-free mesotherapy without needles

Device Features

1.Heating up +40°C
Heating allows you to effectively open the pores of the face. Especially if you suffer from clogged pores of the facial skin, which become the cause of acne and other skin imperfections.

2. Electroporation
The electroporation function emits electromagnetic pulses that increase the permeability of cell membranes, thus allowing the effective introduction of sera or other cosmetics into the deeper layers of the skin.
3. Cryotherapy to -15 ℃

Unique Benefits Of Cryotherapy

  • Cold temperatures in cryotherapy increase the exfoliation of dead cells on the skin surface and strengthen the entire skin.
  • Low temperatures also apply and aging and get better at for mature skin. Facial Cryotherapy helps remove dead skin cells. The skin becomes healthy and radiant.
  • Cryotherapy means cold therapy. This is a facial procedure in which your face or part of it is exposed to sub-zero temperatures.
  • When your face experiences a freezing temperature, it feels like it is freezing. This activates the natural healing mechanism of your skin. Cold therapy during which the capillaries dilate, this reaction accelerates cell renewal, strengthens the skin's immune function and promotes self-medication.
  • Fits well sagging chin
  • This helps reduce acne
  • This improves blood circulation
  • When you undergo facial cryotherapy, intense cold causes the blood vessels to constrict and then dilate. This increases the blood flow to the skin and makes it look healthy and radiant.
  • During cryotherapy, the pores of the skin are constricted, thus preventing the accumulation of dirt and bacteria.


* Especially suitable for dry facial skinbecause it fills the skin with moisture and keeps it longer!

* Cryotherapy for the face is perfect and even recommended to perform In the summer.
This procedure does not cause pigmentation and prevents the appearance of pigment spots!

Complete set

Main machine: 1
Cryotherapy nozzle for face: 1
Electroporation EMS nozzle for face: 1
Power cord: 1
Instructions for use in US / LT languages: 1
CE certificate in Lithuanian: 1
Manufacturer's warranty 12 months

Device Information

Tension: 230V / 50Hz
Power: 72 W
Diameter of cryotherapy nozzle for face: 37mm
Cryotherapy refrigeration temperature: up to - 15 ° C
Heating temperature: up to + 40 ° C
Dimensions: 280 x 280 x 100 mm
Weight: 5.5 kg
Manufacturer's warranty: 12 month
Delivery time: ~ 7-10 days