Hydra Aqueous Dermabrasion Solutions Set 4in1

SHR Germany SKU: VTH52392
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Hydra Aqueous Dermabrasion Solutions Set 4in1

SHR Germany SKU: VTH52392
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Hydra Water Dermabrasion Solutions

Set 4in1



Hydra Water Dermabrasion solution

With Hyaluron and Vitamin C

Active substance: Vitamins C

Vitamins C - designed to revitalize irritated, dehydrated, tired facial skin and replenish it with vitamins and minerals. Can be used as a lightening effect.

Perfectly revitalizes dry and sensitive skin. The unique active ingredients in the product intensively moisturize, firm, soothe and cool the facial skin.

Already ready HydraFacial contained in the solution Vitamins C protects against inflammation, has antibacterial properties. Brightens and brightens the skin, which makes it perfect as a skin whitening and lightening procedure. This HydraFacial serum is based on a dual Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid an effect that helps to lighten the skin and is an indispensable helper in the fight against facial and facial wrinkles.


Hydra Water Dermabrasion solution

For oily skin with hyaluronic acid

Active substance: Glycolic acid

Special Hydra Water Dermabrasion Cosmetics - is the measure number 1 oily skin, acne and acne problems

Glycolic acid has disinfectant, antibacterial and acne-treating effects on facial skin. It is an excellent antiseptic in the fight against adolescents and persistent acne.

Glycolic acid absorbs well and dissolves quickly on entering greasy environments. The tool acts as an exfoliator, facilitating the process of removing squamous cells from the stratum corneum and superficial skin layer. It has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial properties in the treatment of acne.

Glycolic acid reduces redness and pain and improves blood circulation. Decomposes fatty compounds that can clog pores, making it perfect for oily skin and controlling the release of fat.

For oily skin it is useful to use glycolic acid, especially to open clogged pores. The remedy is acidic enough to break down fat perfectly and open pores.

pH - ~ 4


Hydra Water Dermabrasion solution

For dry skin with Hyaluronic

Active substance: Lactic acid

Lactic acid promotes skin regeneration processes, brightens and moisturizes facial skin.

During the procedure, a complex of innovative ingredients promotes skin collagen regeneration processes. Acting on the principle of peeling gently and easily helps to remove dead skin cells. Contains plant extracts to reduce skin irritation. Hydra Water Dermabrasion Serum, whose formula with Hyaluronic Acid maintains intense hydration of facial skin and promotes the regeneration of new skin cells.


      Hydra Water Dermabrasion For apparatus. Hydra For water dermabrasion procedures.

      Hydra Water Dermabrasion the solution is ready to use.
      Mix well and shake. Wait 1-2 minutes and pour into HydraFacial dish.

      Cosmetic yield: for one HydraFacial about 100-200 ml is used for the facial skin cleansing procedure Hydrafacial solution.


      Country of origin: Sweden
      Quantity: 4 x 500ml

      Price: 99€

      *Set consists of:
      1. Hydra solution for dry skin with hyaluronic acid: 500 ml.
      2. Hydra solution for oily skin with hyaluronic acid: 500 ml.
      3. Hydra solution with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid: 500 ml.
      4. Hydra disinfectant solution: 500 ml.

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