Hydra Lifting | Moisturizing Serum

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Hydra Lifting | Moisturizing Serum

Casmara SKU: VTH52373
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Hydra-Soothing fluid, a non-greasy moisturizing milk, repairs and nourishes skin with shea butter and apricot kernel oil. Ensures healthy skin by activating cellular metabolism, reducing the signs of skin aging. Contains 24% natural components extracted with the highest technology
Apparently rejuvenated skin after 15 days of care with Hydra products. 85% more beautiful shade, 90%
firmer, and 70% better moisturized skin.



Concentrated seawater: naturally rejuvenating and invigorating. Net 450 percent increases the activity of fibroblasts (epidermal cells responsible for collagen synthesis) as well as 300percent increases the activity of keratinocytes (epidermal cells that form a barrier between the body and the environment).

JUVENESSENCE: This is a natural active ingredient extracted from seawater. It stops and stops cell aging processes. It is a key element that improves cell life processes, maintains youth.

HYADISINE: a natural moisturizer extracted from seaweed, able to retain moisture, effectively affects wrinkles, fills them, makes the skin firmer.

FUCOGEL: increases the moisture level in the skin by up to 79%. Forms a moisturizing protective film on the surface of the skin, making small wrinkles less noticeable. It is a natural moisturizer and a true elixir of youth. The product has a calming and firming effect similar to that of hyaluronic acid.

TREHALOSE: A natural emollient that can naturally retain skin moisture.


A formula suitable for men and women, for all types and for the most sensitive and demanding skin.


Apply the product on clean face skin and neck area. Use as needed as many times a day as the skin needs. Recommended for use with Hydra lifting firming Cream and the Miracle of the Ocean with a moisturizing cleanser

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