Curl Passion | Shampoo

Curl Passion - Šampūnas | T-Lab Professional - AurelijosSPA
Curl Passion - Šampūnas | T-Lab Professional - AurelijosSPA

Curl Passion | Shampoo

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Unique Natural Complex
· Monoi milk · Almond milk
· Orchid milk
· Free of parbenes and sulphates · 97% organic product


For amazing curls and ornate waves.

Shampoo Curl Passion gently washes the hair and replenishes vital moisture, smoothes the surface and provides elasticity, promotes regeneration, restores and protects the hair and scalp.


For curly and wavy hair that requires deep nourishment and a beautiful curly shape.


Monoi milk is rich in micro-lipids that improve the natural functioning of skin cells; it makes the skin smooth and soft, at the same time the hair becomes manageable and moisturized.

Almond milk soothes and soothes irritation, removes dryness, restores moisture balance.

Orchid milk is rich in polysaccharides and minerals, which deeply nourish and moisturize the hair and scalp, provide elasticity and regeneration.


Apply on wet hair and gently massage until foamy, rinse thoroughly; repeat if necessary.

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