Strong anti - cellulite gel Freezing - CELLO GEL

Aroma Derm SKU: CELLO51006
Stiprus Šaldantis anticeliulitinis gelis - Cello Gel Cool Slimming
Stiprus Šaldantis anticeliulitinis gelis - Cello Gel Cool Slimming
Aroma Derm STYX Cello Gel Cool Slimming - Šaldančio efekto anticeliulitinis gelis kūno įvyniojimams - Tinka tepti ant venų

Strong anti - cellulite gel Freezing - CELLO GEL

Aroma Derm SKU: CELLO51006
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Strong Anti-Cellulite Gel

Cool Slimming

This anti-cellulite gel is unique in that it can be applied to bulging veins, capillary skin and sensitive skin.

Cooling anti-cellulite Cello gelis designed for body wrapping and effectively corrects the figure, breaks down fat and eliminates the signs of cellulite. Cello Gel Cool Slimming features cooling effectwhich cools the body.

Also, this tool is suitable for heat intolerant.

  • Caffeine ir Guarana: activates fat metabolism and accelerates blood circulation. Caffeine activates the body's natural lipolysis process - the removal of fat from the body. Due to this property of caffeine, even after one anti-cellulite wrapping procedure, the body volume can be reduced by about 2 centimeters on average.

Do you miss visits to the spa? Create a spa in your own home! Cool Slimming body wrap for those who like natural and cozy body treatments at home.

Allow yourself to relax and beautify your body lines!


Cello Gelis - effective anti-cellulite cosmetics based on the principles of aromatherapy and naturopathy. It is a means not only for reducing cellulite and weight, but also for reducing pathologies, and it also contains anorexogenic substances that reduce cravings for food. The procedure can be performed on various problem areas - waist, upper arms, abdomen, thighs, or knee area, if there is accumulated fat.


  • Stretch marks prevention.
  • Reduces the fat layer.
  • Reduces body volume.
  • Firms the skin.
  • Activates fat metabolism;
  • Accelerates circulation.


When wearing gloves, distribute a small amount of the product on problem areas of the body (legs, buttocks, abdomen) and wrap in a wrap. Duration of the procedure 30 min.

Product information
Capacity: 150ml
Country of origin: Austrija
Manufacturer: STYX Aroma Derm
Delivery time: 2-3 working days (in Lithuania)

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