Facial Care Machine 8in1

DermaPico SKU: VTH52629
Daugiafunkcinis Veido Priežiūros Aparatas 8in1 - AurelijosSPA
Daugiafunkcinis Veido Priežiūros Aparatas 8in1 - AurelijosSPA
Daugiafunkcinis Veido Priežiūros Aparatas 8in1 - AurelijosSPA

Facial Care Machine 8in1

DermaPico SKU: VTH52629
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Facial Care Machine 8in1

It is universal and multifunctional facial care equipment, combining as many as 8 unique non - invasive methods based on the latest and most advanced technologies. Working on this amazing cosmetological facial apparatus, you will be able to professionally choose the most suitable facial care methods for your client, which will help you achieve the highest results.

This Multifunction Facial Machine is an accurate solution to help you build your aesthetic and functional advantage over your competitors. This facial care equipment was created by beauty professionals not only to meet the needs of your existing client, but also to meet the needs of future, the latest technology and cosmetic fashion-seeking clients.


• The latest technology in one place "ALL in ONE"

• Best and most effective results

• Highest quality

• A modern solution for your business!

Multifunctional Facial Care Machine 8in1 - AurelijosSPA


Main device - 1
Ultrasonic spatula --1
Ultrasonic face tip - 1
Ultrasonic eye handle - 1
BIO handle - 1
Radio frequency tip for face (four poles) - 1
Cryotherapy handle - 1
Oxygen Oxygen spray handle with a 10 ml container --1
Dermabrasion handle - 2
Dermabrasion heads - 9
Dermabrasion head sizes:
2x ∅ 22mm,
2x ∅ 19mm,
3x ∅ 15mm,
1x ∅ 8mm,
1x ∅ 6mm.
* disposable dermabrasion handle filters are included
Power cord - 1
User manual in LT language - 1



Tension: 230V / 50 Hz
Power: 750W
Ultrasonic spatula frequency: 0.75 --3Mhz
Frequency of ultrasonic tips: 40Khz
BIO handle power: 0 - 400 micro amps
Radio frequency energy: 1-50J / cm2
Cryotherapy handle temperature: 10 - 5C
Working Spray Pressure: 0 - 2 for BAR
Weight: 32.0 kg
Package: 48x37x45 cm
Manufacturer's warranty 24 month
CE certificate
User manual in US and LT languages
Delivery time ~ 7-11 days

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