Body lotion LOTUS FLOWER 300ml

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Body lotion LOTUS FLOWER 300ml

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Tesori d'Oriente LOTUS FLOWER Body lotion

Gentle cream with a soft and creamy texture enriched with lotus flower essential oil and shea butter. Ideal for daily skin protection from external factors and long-term skin hydration for a pleasant feeling of softness.

An intensely aromatic and intriguing scent.

  • LOTUS RINGS: The lotus is one of the oldest flowers in the world: in ancient Greece it was considered a symbol of beauty and perfection. Rich in amino acids and flavonoids, the lotus flower is known and used in cosmetics for its antioxidant properties.
  • SHAVING BUTTER: Shea is a tree that lives only in Africa. It can reach 15 m in height and 1 m in diameter. Shea butter is derived from the seeds of its fruit, which African women have long known and used as an unparalleled beauty secret for its soothing and moisturizing properties.


  • The special formula of the cream contains natural ingredients and vitamins that gently moisturize, nourish and protect against the harmful effects of the environment.
  • The cream contains a complex of vegetable oils for gentle skin care.
  • The cream has a soft and creamy texture, absorbs quickly, does not leave a film and greasy shine. Suitable for all skin types
  • The main active ingredient is lotus flower essential oil and almond oil.

Use: After showering or bathing, apply the cream to the body and gently massage until completely absorbed.

Suitable for all skin types. Suitable for men and women.

*products do not contain parabens, mineral oils and synthetic dyes.

Product information:
Mole: 300ml
Product type: Perfumed body cream
Texture: Creamy
Smell: Oriental
Purpose: For moisturizing and nourishing the body
Origin country: Italija
Manufacturer: Tesori d'Oriente
Shipping: 2-3 working days in Lithuania

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