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Lean Snack Fiber Balls - AurelijosSPA
Lean Snack Fiber Balls - AurelijosSPA
Lean Snack Fiber Balls - AurelijosSPA
Lean Snack Fiber Balls - AurelijosSPA

Lean Snack Fiber Balls

Mr. Baub
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This delicious fruit and vegetable ball will give you a feeling of satiety, and the glucomannan it contains will help you lose weight! The dietary fiber of this plant, which grows in Japan, swells in the stomach and thus causes a feeling of satiety.


Glucomannan- very interesting material! Lowers blood glucose and cholesterol! Swollen up to 50 times! Half an hour before a meal is the perfect solution for such a period! Especially that it’s a completely natural material! It comes from a plant called the corpse or Devil’s tongue!
Try a night snack! Delicious balls, 30 minutes before a meal! Or if you want to eat in the evening :)

Cinnamon - lowers blood glucose and therefore helps to cope with the increased craving for sweets! It is also a strong aphrodisiac! And it is believed to Attract success and strengthen the will! Berk wherever you can! In the aforementioned balls, it is there too! That's why I chose!

Chrome- it decreases with age, decreases when you eat a lot of simple carbohydrates! Buy and drink every day! Help get rid of cravings for sweets, with regulating metabolism!

Sun vitamin! Vitamin - proven! That too little sun encourages you to look for more fatty and sweet dishes! Buy capsules! And take it daily! Because like I said more than once, vit D deficiency is found in people with obesity! And it affects fat metabolism! Don't hesitate - don't take H2O - how much has been said ... How much has been written! But still ignore it! Water helps cleanse metabolites! If its too little ... No chance to lose weight Holy sleep! Learn to sleep! Go to bed early! Because IT HAS BEEN PROVEN that fatigue and insomnia stimulate appetite!


Dried apples (31%); concentrated apple juice (28%); Jerusalem artichoke powder (15%); glucomannan (12%); poppies (7%); ribbed garcinia juice extract (3%); ginger (0,4%); cinnamon (0,25%); fennel seeds (0,13%), potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate. Coating: fructose, beeswax, arabic gum, calcium carbonate.


4 weeks or 8 weeks


To reduce appetite, drink before meals, preferably 3 times a day. Drink 1 ball at 1 p.m. before a meal or 1-2 hours after a meal, or instead of a late snack, late eating and drinking a glass of water. The maximum daily rate is 4 balls.


Not suitable for children, pregnancy, lactation, diabetes, allergies to at least one of the components.

Keep out of reach of children, in a dry and cool place. At room temperature 18 -28 degrees.
For best results, it is recommended to use for 1-2 months.