Shine Stop | Face mask

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Shine Stop | Face mask

Casmara SKU: VTH52581
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1 Mask + 1 Ampoule 4ml.
Matte effect and moisturizing.
With skin cleansing and oil-regulating properties.
Cleanser, grease regulator and skin balancer.
Moisturized, firmer and more elastic skin. Balances the skin and removes unwanted shine.


A unique and exclusive Seaweed peeling mask.


This mask facilitates the penetration of the active components contained in the mask and the applied cream. The mask can also be applied to the eyes and lips, treating areas abandoned by other masks.

The product lowers the temperature of your skin to 6 ° C, thus tightening it, removing puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.   

Pamper your facial skin with yours Casmara beauty plan.

With skin cleansing and oil-regulating properties.


A clever cosmetic product for skinny skin. Advanced and selective fat release control that only works in areas where it is most needed. Works gradually by providing extended skin hydration, over 24 hours. period.

Shine Control peeling seaweed mask.

Contains seaweed and volcanic land. This product has the ability to absorb excess fat and remove impurities that affect skin contamination. This mask, thanks to the combination of minerals and sulfur, helps to regulate skin disorders caused by dirt.

When applied, this product provides a pleasant refreshing effect that tones and restores the oval of the face.


For oily and / or shiny facial skin. Especially for skin that is dehydrated and requires an effective fight against skin shine.


1. Apply a little cream on a clean face. 

2. Squeeze the entire contents of mask packs 1 and 2 into one bowl. Mix with a spatula until a uniform mixture is obtained. Spread evenly on face.

3. Relax. After 20-30 minutes, peel off the entire mask at once.

No need to wash.

Important note: The mask must be applied for up to 5 minutes. from the start of mixing, because after 5 min. the mask begins to harden.

The kit is for one procedure.

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