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Oxygen Oxygen Sprayer Pro - AurelijosSPA
Oxygen Oxygen Sprayer Pro - AurelijosSPA
Oxygen Oxygen Sprayer Pro - AurelijosSPA
Oxygen Oxygen Sprayer Pro - AurelijosSPA
Oxygen Oxygen Sprayer Pro - AurelijosSPA

Oxygen Oxygen Sprayer Pro | Rent

Normal price
€ 49.00
Price with a discount
€ 49.00
With taxes. Delivery you will choose the method later.
Minimum quantity 1pc

Oxygen Oxygen Spraying Machines PRO | RENT

This Oxygen Oxygen Spray Machines is rented, according to AurelijosSPA Cosmetology Machines Rental Agreement

Rental price:
49 € / month
Rental term:
6 months or 12 months

Oxygen sprayer PRO, allows you to spray oxygen on the skin of the face and body together using special natural cosmetics. Oxygen sprayer is a powerful and professional oxygen nebulizer for facial oxygen and body oxygen treatments.

Oxygen mesotherapy During the use of high-pressure oxygen jets, the skin can be saturated with hyaluronic acid, serum-enriched with Vitamin C or other cosmetics. Oxygen entering the skin during a needleless oxygen mesotherapy procedure activates cell regeneration.

The skin becomes noticeable firmer, more elastic, brighter, glow, youthful ir energetic. This is a great oxygen therapy for rejuvenation dehydrated, tired, pale ir weakened skin.

Oxygen Oxygen Sprayer is specially designed for beauty centers, beauty salons, beauticians and beauty professionals.

  • This Oxygen Sprayer will fit perfectly in your beauty salon. Stylish and modern design will provide coziness in your space. Easily moved from one place to another. Great for transportation if you work in different cities.

Oxygen Therapy For The Face

This is a unique facial oxygen treatment that has revolutionized the entire beauty industry and around the world!

Oxygen Oxygen Sprayer Pro - AurelijosSPA


Main device - 1
Hose - 1
Oxygen spray rifle with 10 ml container - 1
Power cord - 1
User manual in LT language - 1


Tension: 230V / 50 Hz
Power: 120W
Working Spray Pressure: 0 - 4 for BAR
Compressor power: 1 / 6 HP
Compressor operating speed: 1450/1750 rpm
Noise level: 43 dB
Weight: 4.2 kg
Package: 25 x 14 x 20.5 cm
CE certificate
User manual in IT, EN or LT

After signing the cosmetology equipment rental agreement, delivery time 2-3 days