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Lymphatic Drainage Device 5in1 Rental - AurelijosSPA
Lymphatic Drainage Device 5in1 Rental - AurelijosSPA
Cosmetology equipment rental - AurelijosSPA
Cosmetology equipment rental - AurelijosSPA

Lymphatic Drainage Device 5in1 Rent

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Lymphatic Drainage Device 5in1 RENT

This Lymphatic drainage apparatus 5in1 is rented under AurelijosSPA Cosmetology Machines Rental Agreement

Rental price: 99 € / month
Rental term: 6 months or 12 months

5 separate parts
Designed for hand, foot, torso pressotherapy

Leg, arm and torso lymphatic drainage compression with six different adjustable positions for individual body parts. 3 basic and 3 relaxing.

Lymphatic Drainage Device - AurelijosSPA

Compressive lymphatic drainage a full-body suit that fills with air. High-pressure air waves rhythmically push the lymph out of the limbs. Massage consists of three main programs:

1) Activation of lymphatic points - pulsation.

2) Lymph stimulation

3) Lymph “pushing out” of the lymph points.

Presotherapy is successfully combined with other body modeling procedures and included into combined individual programs

Lymphatic drainage - The procedure with this device is not only effective, but also extremely pleasant. Compressed air enters the cuffs. The pressure is evenly distributed during a rhythmic, gentle undulating massage.


Procedural programs - 6
Massage intensity levels - 6
Air pressure 70kPa
Fabric material: 100% nylon / PVC, the fabric is elastic, well cleaned and resistant to high concentrations of disinfectants
Voltage 220 / 50Hz
Power 350W
Infrared heating: from 35C Iki 60C
Package size 62 * 46 * 43cm
Total weight: 20kg


Main device - 1 pc ..
Compression suit:
Compression suit for legs - 2;
Compression suit for hands - 2;
Compression suit for waist -1;
20pcs. (10 pairs) of compressor air chambers
Power cord - 1 pc.
CE certificate
User manual in LT language
After signing the cosmetology equipment rental agreement, delivery time 2-3 days