Night Cure | Super Concentrate

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Night Cure | Super Concentrate

Casmara SKU: VTH52510
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Night reconstruction and rejuvenation.

An ultra rejuvenating formula that is the secret to giving a younger looking skin.

NIGHT CURE, based on MATRIX AGE technology, Centella asiatica and wild moss extract, a fusion of science and thousands of years of knowledge has created pure ingredients that stimulate collagen and elastin production, activate genes responsible for skin regeneration and stop cell aging.

Free of silicone and mineral oils.


Comprehensive anti-aging.Provides energy and regenerates cells.Stops the signs of aging.Renovation effect.Smart irrigation.

Stops the aging process of cells. Restores and accelerates skin regeneration processes up to 72% *.

Reduces the depth of wrinkles.

Increases hyaluronic acid to + 147% * and collagen to + 105% *.


For mature skin. Night Cure SUPER CONCENTRATE is for skin with visible signs of aging, but can also be used to stop them from appearing.


MATRIXYL®: complex anti-aging effect. Improves the formation of 6 main components of skin matrices, such as collagen (I, III and IV) and hyaluronic acid.

OVERNIGHT ENHANCE [MJ + C]: An energy provider and cell regenerator that synchronizes with the nocturnal process of skin regeneration, improves and strengthens metabolic processes that are activated overnight.

CENTER ASIATICA: A plant from Asia, traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine, with rejuvenating properties, due to its high content of centellosides and phytopeptides, signals molecules that change the signs of aging.

JOJOBA MILK: regenerator. Activates genes responsible for cell regeneration. Restores damaged collagen and elastin.

WILD MOSS EXTRACT: An anti-aging moisturizer that works wisely because it provides moisture while restoring 20-year-old skin’s moisture levels.


Apply a few drops on a clean face and neck. Then use your day cream. Shake before use.

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