Luxury | Nourishing Cream

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Luxury | Nourishing Cream

Casmara SKU: VTH52492
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Oily texture cream.


Reduces the first signs of aging. Restores the skin's natural glow. A radiant, radiant and revitalized face.


Vitazyme® Ace Complex: Vitamin A, C, E Complex, Trace Oat Protein Complex®: Oat Protein And 7 Trace Elements: Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc, Iron and Potassium. Natural Jeju Organic, Camellia Oil® and Aurealis®.


 · An innovative formula enriched with many vitamins and minerals.

· Increased viability is immediately noticeable. The effect is similar to Vitamin Mesotherapy.

· Strengthening the skin's immune system.

· Revitalizing, soothing and moisturizing.


For dry skin.

A formula suitable for both men and women, especially one that has lost its radiance and needs immediate increase in vitality. Soothes sensitive skin.


Apply a small amount of the product on the moisturized face, massage the cream with massage movements.

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