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Longevity | Nourishing Cream

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Rejuvenating high-tech face cream that stimulates skin stem cells.
The texture of the cream is specially adapted for filling wrinkles.
Contains CHONDRICARE® smart protein that works in two different ways: it protects cellular structures during the day and increases the skin's energy stores at night. COLLAGENEER®: Increases skin firmness and elasticity. Wrinkle filler (collagen).
PHYTROGEN®: Phytoestrogenic complex, stimulates collagen synthesis - tightens.


Within 4 weeks, the cream reduces wrinkles and improves the appearance of the skin. The skin regains its youthful appearance, gaining comfort and flexibility. Gaining energy, a healthy tone and strengthened skin. Effects of facelift procedure.


· Fills superficial and deep wrinkles.

· Protects cell structure.

· Revitalizes cell activity and restores skin elasticity.

· Stimulates blood circulation.

· Fills the skin with oxygen, in deep layers.

· Stimulates cell respiration.

· Stimulates cell metabolism.

· Prolongs cell life.

· Slows skin degeneration.

· Stimulates skin stem cells to restore their functionality and balance that is characteristic of young skin.

· Activates fibroblasts and collagen to increase elastic fiber synthesis.

· Stops cell aging.

· Activates cell functions.

· Strengthens skin elasticity.

· Increases cellular energy reserves (ATP)


A formula suitable for men and women for mature and sagging skin.


Apply on clean face and neck skin. For best results, use in conjunction with Longevity longevity serum.