Multifunctional Cryotherapy apparatus 5in1

Multifunkcinis | Krioterapijos aparatas 5in1 - AurelijosSPA
Multifunkcinis | Krioterapijos aparatas 5in1 - AurelijosSPA
Multifunkcinis | Krioterapijos aparatas 5in1 - AurelijosSPA
Multifunkcinis | Krioterapijos aparatas 5in1 - AurelijosSPA
Multifunkcinis | Krioterapijos aparatas 5in1 - AurelijosSPA
Multifunkcinis | Krioterapijos aparatas 5in1 - AurelijosSPA
Multifunkcinis | Krioterapijos aparatas 5in1 - AurelijosSPA

Multifunctional Cryotherapy apparatus 5in1

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Cryotherapy Apparatus 5in1

Multifunctional two-nozzle cryotherapy / cryolipolysis apparatus. Adapted to work with two cryotherapy nozzles simultaneously.
Equipment advantage - Multifunctionality. It is a set of Lipo lasers, ultrasonic and radio frequency body tips that allow a single device to perform a wide range of both individual and combined body procedures.
This equipment is in its class occupies one of the highest positions compared to the features and power of the device. This will ensure a great and smooth job for a long time.
The white, glossy, high-quality, durable fiberglass body will look luxurious and representative in every beautician's office.


A special sensor is placed on the problem area - a nozzle that acts on the selected area with the help of a vacuum and causes a cryogenic effect. Adipocytes in the subcutaneous tissue are rich in saturated fatty acids, which are sensitive to cold. The blood vessels surrounding the fat, peripheral nerves, melanocytes -pigmented cells, connective tissue cells are less sensitive to the effects of cold. This property causes fat cells to be removed from the body without damaging the surrounding tissues.


It is a non-invasive procedure designed to reduce the subcutaneous body fat (abdominal, thigh, back, buttock, arm areas). This procedure is performed in a modern way Cryotherapy (cryolipolysis) - a cooling vacuum with an apparatus whose principle of operation: gradually, to control the cooling of skin tissues and thus ensure the safe beautification of body shapes.
The procedure is suitable for men and women of any age who want to beautify their body shape and reduce unwanted fat.

How are fat cells removed?

The response to the effect of the Vacuum Refrigeration procedure takes place in two stages: During the procedure, adipose tissue cells crystallize and die, and gradually leave the problem area within 3-4 weeks. Indirect effects stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, which promotes the process of adipose tissue loss.


Ultrasonic shape correction method. To date, one of the most effective procedures for rapid figure correction and unnecessary degreasing is non-surgical ultrasonic liposuction (cavitation). Millions of people choose this particular method. The essence of the procedure is that under the action of a combination of low-frequency ultrasound waves, the walls of adipocytes begin to resonate and decompose strongly, the fat in them liquefies and is "expelled" from the cells. The fat cell itself collapses and the resulting fluid can be removed from the body in a natural way. During one session, the volumes can decrease up to 4cm.


It is skin tightening, firming and rejuvenation avoiding surgery! It is safe and painless. After the procedure, you feel a pleasant warmth and light stretching. Already after the first procedure, wrinkles are reduced, the skin is smoothed and tightened, and the skin aging process is slowed down.
Clinical studies have shown that radiolifting has a positive effect on the skin and is completely harmless to the patient's body. Radiolifting is applied to the face, décolleté - to the chest area, arms, abdomen area, buttocks, thighs area.


The laser emits energy, creating a chemical signal for the breakdown of fat cells.
The procedure is completely safe, the body accepts it naturally and all the processes for fat breakdown take place according to the normal process, only that the laser speeds up the whole process. 
What is a laser pillow:
The laser works without pain, a non-invasive device used to reduce fat, a great alternative to surgery.
The result is visible quickly immediately after the first procedures. The laser is developed with fat reduction technology that helps to lose weight in areas that are traditionally much harder to destroy fat.
How it works:
Laser is designed for the removal of grease in specific problem areas. Laser pads are placed in target locations such as the upper arm, abdomen or thighs. This is a big advantage over diet and exercise, which can reduce total body fat but not shape individual areas.
Cryotherapy Apparatus - AurelijosSPA


Voltage: 220V - 50Hz, 20A max.
Power: 850W
Weight: 55 kg
Vacuum pressure 0-900kPa
Cavitation: 40kHz
Radio frequency: 1MHz - 5MHz
Lipo laser: 650nm
LED display: 8.4 "inches
Cryolipolysis temperature range: -10 ° C ~ 10 ° C
Package size: 130x65x61cm


Main device - 1
Vacuum cooling -10C to + 10C nozzle (180x80mm) - 1
Vacuum cooling -10C to + 10C nozzle (155x60mm) - 1
Six-pole RF body tip - 1 
Cavitation 40Khz nozzle - 1 
Lip laser pads (large) - 6
Lip laser pads (small) - 2
User manual in US / LT languages
Manufacturer's warranty - 24 months.
CE certificate
Delivery in 7-10 days

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