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Cryotherapy Machines 2in1 - AurelijosSPA
Cryotherapy Machines 2in1 - AurelijosSPA
Cryotherapy Machines 2in1 - AurelijosSPA

Cryotherapy Machines 2in1

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Cryotherapy Machines

Professional cryotherapy device great for starting a business. The single-manipulator machine is effective and the equipment is easy to maintain.
  • He occupies a high position in his class. Has a powerful refrigeration system that reaches even -16C temperature in just a few minutes.
  • The cryolipolysis nozzle is suitable for use in both the foot and arm areas.
  • The set includes an additional vacuum nozzle for lymphatic drainage.

Operation of cryotherapy:

A special sensor is placed on the problem area - a nozzle that acts on the selected area with the help of a vacuum and causes a cryogenic effect. The fat cells (adipocytes) in the subcutaneous tissue are rich in saturated fatty acids, which are sensitive to cold. The blood vessels surrounding the fat, peripheral nerves, melanocytes - pigment cells, connective tissue cells are less sensitive to the effects of cold. This property causes fat cells to be removed from the body without damaging the surrounding tissues.


It is a non-invasive procedure designed to reduce the subcutaneous body fat (abdominal, thigh, back, buttock, arm areas). This procedure is performed in a modern way Cryotherapy - Cryolipolysis - cooling vacuum apparatus, the principle of which is: gradually, to control the cooling of skin tissues and thus ensure the safe beautification of body shapes.

The procedure is suitable for men and women of any age who want to beautify their body shape and reduce unwanted fat.

How are fat cells removed?

The response to the effect of the Vacuum Freezing procedure takes place in two stages: During the procedure, the adipose tissue cells crystallize and die, and gradually leave the problem area within 2-6 weeks. Indirect effects stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, which promotes the process of adipose tissue loss.

Device Information:

Tension: 230V / 50Hz
Touch LED display 8 "inches
Power: 500W
Cryotherapy temperature: -16C to + 5C
Vacuum pressure 0 - 100kPa
Weight: 28 kg
Packing: 72 * 50 * 48cm


Main device: 1
Cryotherapy nozzle: 1
Cryotherapy nozzle size: 17cm x 6cm
Vacuum lymphatic drainage nozzle: 1
User manual: US / LT languages
Manufacturer warranty: 12 months.
CE certificate
Delivery: 7-11 dd