Eye Contour Cream

Casmara SKU: VTH52439
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Eye Contour Cream

Casmara SKU: VTH52439
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The cream is intended for eye contour care. Botox effect. Reduces wrinkles, tightens, increases elasticity, reduces puffiness and brightens dark circles. Nutritional effect.



ARGIRELINE®: Inhibits repetitive facial movements. ORSIRTINE®: stimulates, prevents aging. COLLAGENEER®: anti-wrinkle filler. EYESERIL®: reduces swelling. Improves firmness and elasticity.



Shock therapy. Intensive eye contour restoration. Tightened, elastic and nourished skin. Eye "bags" and dark circles are improved.

WHO IS IT FOR? A universal formula for all ages, at any time of the year. Helpful Hint: Storing the product in the refrigerator will have a more effective sedative effect.

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