Socks Zodiac Aries | Zodiac Aries

Avino zodiako ženklo kojinės, žaismingos spalvotos kojinės, Originali dovana vyrams, moterims, vaikams ir paaugliams, universalus dydis, avino zodiako ženklo formos kojinės  - EAT MY SOCKS Zodiac Aries
Avino zodiako ženklo kojinės, žaismingos spalvotos kojinės, Originali dovana vyrams, moterims, vaikams ir paaugliams, universalus dydis, avino zodiako ženklo formos kojinės  - EAT MY SOCKS Zodiac Aries

Socks Zodiac Aries | Zodiac Aries

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Socks ZODIAC ARIES | Zodiac Aries

Time to show your Aries pride with these socks! The wonderful zodiac of the sun sign will adorn your feet from now on.

It can be an original and playful gift idea for any occasion or situation. It can be: Valentine's Day, Women's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday or Christmas - these socks will surely make everyone happy!

Let's not stop giving wonderful emotions that live in moments.

Playful and colorful Socks in the shape of the Aries zodiac sign "Eat My Socks" - an original gift for men, women and children. Universal size suitable for all feet and small feet.

Product information:
Amount: One pair (2 socks)
Type: Stylish socks
Size: UNISEX - one size fits all
  • 53,1% cotton
  • 30,9% polyester
  • 13,3% elastane
  • 2,7% polyamide
    Package: The paper gift box is made from 100% recycled materials
    Style: Above the calf
    Who are they for? For men, women, teenagers and children
    Origin country: Spain EAT MY SOCKS made in Spain
    Manufacturer: EAT MY SOCKS
    Delivery time: 2-3 working days (in Lithuania)

    * delivery terms in other countries

    Eat My Socks

    Made in Spain

    In this amazing collection you will find socks in your favorite color. Or maybe it will be men's socks, women's socks, children's socks, socks for children, socks for teenagers, stylish socks online. You'll also find Christmas stocking sets, casual socks and of course the playful and summery fruit-shaped socks. Are you looking forward to wearing unique and original socks, or do you want to surprise a loved one with a great gift? Order beautifully packaged socks online now! Extremely high quality women's and men's socks at always a good price!

    Men's socks can be an unpretentious part of the wardrobe and a bright style detail. Socks worn with suits should be long (up to the calf), because it is a huge mistake when the pants rise up and bare calves are visible when sitting down. Since it is difficult to buy long men's socks in Lithuania, in this online store, we will surprise you with a wide selection of socks.

    Colored women's socks are not just a small detail in the wardrobe, because every detail, starting with manners and ending with socks, gives more colors to our personality.

    "Eat My Socks" are highly appreciated among teenagers, due to the unique design of the socks. The socks are universal in size, so they are perfect for larger and smaller feet. In the assortment you will find socks with fun and popular designs. The socks in various shapes are made of the highest quality materials and selected raw materials, so they are durable and Sock patterns and color combinations are created in Spain taking into account global fashion trends and consumer needs.

    Discover new, colorful and playful socks for your kids that will help spark their imaginations and are perfect for everyday adventures. Choose your favorite socks for your little ones. It can be a great gift for boy and girl. We invite you to discover original patterns and color combinations of socks that will allow your child to stand out from the crowd and give a lot of warm emotions.

    1. Fashionable socks for children and teenagers will definitely appeal to everyone!

    2. Stylish men's and women's socks made of the highest quality cotton. As a result, the feet do not sweat and can breathe freely.

    3. Playful colors make these socks easy to match with any outfit.

    4. Wear playful socks everywhere - when you go to work, for a walk outside, when you meet friends or at a party.

    5. It can be a unique and exclusive gift. These socks are sure to surprise!

    6. All "Eat My Socks" socks in universal size: size 35-40, which will fit both small and large.

    1. Helps prevent unpleasant foot odor.

    2. Provides additional cushioning to the feet.

    3. Helps keep your feet soft.

    4. Wearing clean and dry socks will prevent the growth of bacteria and unpleasant odor.

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