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Cavitation Machine Mini - AurelijosSPA
Cavitation Machine Mini - AurelijosSPA
Cavitation Machine Mini - AurelijosSPA
Cavitation Machine Mini - AurelijosSPA
Cavitation Machine Mini - AurelijosSPA

Cavitation Machine Mini

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MINI cavitation apparatus

Introducing the new Cavitation Machines with key features for effective body line improvement. This cosmetology machine is a great solution if you decide to perform procedures at home and thus save your time and money when visiting beauty salons. In addition, you can perform both body and facial procedures with this universal cavitation machine.

The main functions of the device:

  • Ultrasonic Cavitation
  • Radiolifting - Radio frequency For the body
  • RadioLifting - Radio frequency Face

What is the most effective hardware method of slimming?

Ultrasonic Cavitation

It's 100% safe procedure.

Fat cells are broken down and do not recover for a long time. During one cavitation procedure, the body volume can decrease up to 3 cm. The nozzle of the Ultrasonic Machines emits a pleasant and cozy warmth thanks to the ultrasonic vibrations generated.

In what parts of the body is Ultrasonic Cavitation performed?

Ultrasonic Cavitation is performed back, belly, waist, clubs, buttocks, thighs and get better at armpits areas.

* Big plusthat you do not need any special additional care after the ultrasound body treatment, you or your client can immediately return to work or engage in normal activities.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Cavitation:

  • Does not damage blood vessels, nerves and other tissues.
  • Effective deep fat layers are achieved.
  • The contour of body lines is formed.
  • Increases skin firmness and elasticity.
  • Stagnant lymph is dislocated
  • Accelerates the elimination of toxins.
  • Improves microcirculation and activates blood circulation.
  • Problem areas for cellulite are well treated.

Radiolifting the body - what is it?

This is one of the most effective thermal ways to tighten and reduce the volume of the body

The radio frequency is intended for skin tightening, firming and rejuvenation. During the procedure, a pleasant heat is felt, which can be regulated up to 65 C heat. The radiolifting effect is already visible after 2-4 procedures

Who is the Radiolifting procedure recommended for?

  • The radiolifting procedure is recommended for: Dehydrated and dehydrated skin, especially those who spend a lot of time indoors and the skin does not get enough oxygen.
  • It is also perfect for weakened skin, as well as for skin affected by fatigue and stress.
  • Radiolifting is useful for sagging, gray and aging skin.

RadioLifting Body Unique Benefits:

Collagen regeneration - Lifting effect.
Improves skin and muscle tone.
Tightened skin.
The local metabolic balance is restored.
Tissues are saturated with oxygen.
The skin stretches and rejuvenates.
Signs of cellulite decrease.

Radiolifting for the face - what is it?

Radio frequency pulses promote collagen regeneration and tighten facial skin. Radiolifting helps to saturate the cells with oxygen, as a result of which the hunger of the cells is reduced, the skin of the face remains tight, it looks more youthful and the oval of the face is highlighted.

Due to the large amount of heat emitted, Radiolifting really gives a rejuvenating effect. The first signs are noticeable after the first facial procedure: the facial skin is stretched, the pores shrink, the swelling disappears and the shallow wrinkles are smoothed out.

The radio frequency is great for input hyaluronic acid sera or other cosmetic products to the deeper layers of the skin.

RadioLifting Face Unique Benefits:

Sudden effects seen:

  • Collagen regeneration is activated
  • The skin stretches more

Long term effects:

  • Newly formed collagen and elastin are also restored.
  • Facial and facial wrinkles are reduced.
  • The skin becomes smoother, more elastic and youthful.

Complete set

Main device - 1
Three-pole Radio frequency face tip - 1
Six-pole Radio frequency body tip - 1
Ultrasonic Cavitation 40Khz Body Nozzle - 1
Nozzle stand - holder - 1
Power cord - 1
User guide US / LT language - 1
CE certificate in US / LT languages ​​-1

Device Information

Tension: ~ 230V / 50Hz
Power: 50W
Ultrasound frequency: 40 kHz
Radio frequency: 5 MHz
Radio frequency energy: 1-25 J
Weight: 4.5 kg
Device dimensions: 130 x 133 x 190 mm
Manufacturer's warranty: 12 month
Delivery time: ~ 7-10 days