Fabric softener IEVA 1000ml (wood, leather, amber scent)

IEVA Skalbinių Minkštiklis 1000ml (Medienos, Odos, Gintaro kvapas), audinių kondicionierius, parfumuotas skalbinių minkštiklis

Fabric softener IEVA 1000ml (wood, leather, amber scent)

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Fabric softener IEVA 1000ml (wood, leather, amber scent)

Different fragrance notes that interact with each other. This product not only softens your clothes, but also gives it a luxurious and exclusive aroma. IEVA softener is a unique product that will be perfect for any type of clothes, will give them fluffiness and facilitate ironing. It is a composition full of contrasts.

Fragrance notes: Wood, Leather, Amber.

    The intensity of the scent can be adjusted by adding more fabric softener. For best results, we suggest using detergent and fabric softener together.


    • Laundry softener: suitable for all textile products for gentle and effective cleaning. Laundry fragrance for cashmere, wool, silk and cotton.
    • A unique scent: laundry perfume with exclusive, real fragrance notes, ensuring unique freshness and a long-lasting pleasant smell. Compared to the usual laundry smell, it has a unique smell.
    • High washing efficiency: with the softener of exceptional scents, you will be able to enjoy not only freshness and cleanliness, but also a pleasant and long-lasting aroma. Designed to bring joy to the home and make everyday life easier for everyone.
    • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Made from 100% recycled materials for environmental protection and sustainability. Not tested on animals.
    How to use?
    • Washing machine with standard load (4-5kg): add 40 ml of fabric softener per wash.
    • Washing machine with a large load (6-7kg): for one wash add 60-80 ml of softener.
    • Hand washing: add 25 ml to 10 liters of water.

    How long is one bottle of emollient enough for?

    On average, one package is enough for 25 standard washes.

    Product information:
    Mole: 1000ml
    Product type: Perfumed fabric softener
    Texture: Creamy
    Smell: Wood, Leather, Amber
    Use: Machine wash/hand wash
    Origin country: Made in Europe
    Manufacturer: ENPI
    Product Name: IEVA Perfumed Fabric Softener 1000 ml
    Shipping: 2-3 working days in Lithuania

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