Perfumed Detergent IEVA 1000ml (Scent of Mulberry, Vanilla, Powder)

IEVA Parfumuotas Skalbiklis Šilkmedžio, Vanilės, Pudros kvapo, audinių skalbiklis, skalbiklis su fermentais, skalbiklis su kvepalais, rafinuotas skalbiklis

Perfumed Detergent IEVA 1000ml (Scent of Mulberry, Vanilla, Powder)

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Perfumed Detergent IEVA 1000ml (Scent of Mulberry, Vanilla, Powder)

The different notes of the fragrances interact with each other to form a harmony, like in music. The main note of the fragrances is vanilla. The smell of this note may seem mysterious, but at the same time it is exceptionally charismatic and sweet. Next to the dominant note is the smell of mulberry berries and powder.

Fragrance notes: Mulberry, Vanilla, Powder.

    The Ieva laundry detergent collection is created with the notes of real perfumes. The intensity of the smell can be adjusted by adding more detergent. For best results, we suggest using detergent and fabric softener together.

    PURPOSE: A perfumed detergent with enzymes will remove stains, the special substances contained in the detergent will help preserve the colors of the fabric. Using IEVA fabric detergent, clothes will not fade, they will be clean and smell nice. Dominant notes of amber, wood and leather will create a harmonious, aesthetic and long-lasting combination of mysterious aroma. Exclusivity intertwined with cleanliness and luxurious perfume.

    How to use?
    • Washing machine with standard load (4-5kg): add 40 ml of detergent per wash.
    • Washing machine with a large load (6-7kg): for one wash add 60-80 ml of detergent.
    • Hand washing: add 25 ml to 10 liters of water.

    How long is one bottle of detergent enough for?

    On average, one package is enough for 25 standard washes.

    Product information:
    Mole: 1000ml
    Product type: Perfumed fabric detergent
    Texture: Creamy
    Smell: Mulberry, Vanilla, Powder.
    Use: Machine wash/hand wash
    Origin country: Made in Europe
    Manufacturer: ENPI
    Product Name: IEVA Perfumed Laundry Detergent 1000 ml
    Shipping: 2-3 working days in Lithuania

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