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Hydrafacial machine 6in1 with oxygen saturation function - AurelijosSPA
Hydrafacial machine 6in1 with oxygen saturation function - AurelijosSPA
Hydrafacial machine 6in1 with oxygen saturation function - AurelijosSPA
Hydrafacial machine 6in1 with oxygen saturation function - AurelijosSPA
Hydrafacial machine 6in1 with oxygen saturation function - AurelijosSPA
Hydrafacial machine 6in1 with oxygen saturation function - AurelijosSPA
HydraFacial Water Dermabrasion Machines H2O O2 6in1 - AurelijosSPA
HydraFacial Water Dermabrasion Machines H2O O2 6in1 - AurelijosSPA
HydraFacial Machines 6in1 Cryotherapy hammer - AurelijosSPA
HydraFacial Machines 6in1 Oxygen Oxygen Spraying - AurelijosSPA
HydraFacial Machines 6in1 BIO microcurrent electroporation - AurelijosSPA
HydraFacial Machines 6in1 Ultrasonic spatula - AurelijosSPA
HydraFacial Machines 6in1 - AurelijosSPA
HydraFacial Machines 6in1 Ultrasonic nozzle - AurelijosSPA

HydraFacial Machines 6in1 with oxygen function

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HydraFacial Machines 6in1 with oxygen function

  • Pure oxygen protects against free radicals and has a unique anti-inflammatory effect!
  • HydraFacial Water dermabrasion apparatus su H2O O2 Oxygen saturation function

Functions and benefits of O2 pure oxygen

H2O O2 pure oxygen having skin care HydraFacial Procedure.
This is the latest HydraFacial a facial skin care apparatus using a H2O O2 pure oxygen generator to turn purified water into pure oxygen ion water, and the skin surface to produce O2 molecules so that the cells of the water molecule can quickly penetrate the dermis. To achieve the most effective skin rejuvenating effect.
H2O O2 OXYGEN the function allows you to saturate your chosen used fluid with oxygen, thus improving all the properties of the used fluid. It is useful in increasing cell oxygenation (oxygen saturation) and skin microcirculation, stimulating cell activity and restoring radiance to the skin.
What Are The Benefits Of Oxygen For Facial Skin?
Oxygen reaches the deepest layers of the skin. Perfect Result:
Facial skin is rejuvenated and regeneration processes are activated. Smoothes the superficial layer of the dermis. Facial skin lightens and activates natural skin tone.

Possible procedures in this HydraFacial apparatus

1) HydraFacial facial scrub H2O O2 Pure Oxygen water
2) HydraFacial facial scrub with dermabrasion nozzle along with water
3) Oxygen Mesotherapy Procedure
4) Facial cleansing with an ultrasonic spatula
5) Ultrasonic introduction of active substances
6) Introduction of active substances in BIO microcurrents
7) Cryotherapy for the face

HydraFacial Water Dermabrasion

  • Water dermabrasion is a technology for removing dead skin cells. Removing dead cells and renewing new ones allows nourishing and moisturizing products to be better absorbed into the skin, making them much more effective. Using a specially designed water supply and pumping system, the procedure combines facial skin scrubbing, deep cleansing and intensive hydration.

  • No discomfort: The use of advanced, research-based technology ensures a visible result without discomfort and discomfort.

  • Skin cleansing performed by grinding-smoothing, using water with a vacuum suction function. Dead, squamous cells are reliably removed during the procedure.

  • Efficacy: the positive effect of cleansing and moisturizing facial skin is visible already after the first procedure, obvious changes - after 3-6 sessions.

  • Complexity: The method focuses not only on promoting skin cell renewal, but also on deep skin cleansing, smoothing and moisturizing.

  • Convenience: The procedure is ideal for busy, long and tedious procedures without time for clients.

    • The vacuum function is used to remove dirt in the pores by vacuuming the tube. This procedure increases blood circulation to the skin. It helps improve skin elasticity, and can reduce discoloration from acne and scarring.


    1. Ultrasonic spatula 1MHz
    2. Ultrasonic tip 1MHz
    3. BIO (Micro Current) Face-lift technology using micro currents to stimulate cell renewal. Bio micro currents relax the facial muscles and saturate them with oxygen, improving the blood microcirculation of the facial skin.
    4. Cryotherapy - a cooling nozzle Designed to soothe irritated skin.
    5. Spray nozzle - Oxygen

    Oxygen Mesotherapy function:

    This is a luxurious facial massage. Oxygen system combines the benefits of oxygen therapy with the formulations of high-performance preparations, thus resulting in a higher quality reduction in aging .The theory of this therapy is simple.
    Oxygen During the procedure, a mixture of oxygen and high-performance cosmetics is carefully injected deep into the skin under a high-pressure oxygen stream. This mixture passes through the gaps between the epidermal cells of the skin and enters the deeper layers of the skin, where the desired effect is effectively achieved. The procedure ensures the life of each cell. As we age, the oxygen level in the cells naturally decreases, which leads to a decrease in skin elasticity and the formation of mimic wrinkles and deeper wrinkles.
    Oxygen therapy OXYGEN with the help of oxygen is supplied directly to the cells, which ensures skin rejuvenation. The sera used together during the procedure contain active ingredients that help the skin to regenerate and look more beautiful, reducing existing wrinkles. Treating Acne Problems With Small Rashes.
    So after this procedure you will not only see a quick result and much brighter skin, but the effect will last for a long time, because the oxygen in the skin will improve cell regeneration, your skin will become firmer and more elastic.
    We recommend using

    Specially designed Hardware cosmetics for HydraFacial For water dermabrasion procedures.

    HydraFacial solutions for HydraFacial water dermabrasion procedures with Hydrafacial apparatus - AurelijosSPA


      Main apparatus - 1
      HydraFacial Water dermabrasion nozzle - 1
      HydraFacial Water dermabrasion heads - 8

      HydraFacial Water Dermabrasion Machines H2O O2 6in1 - AurelijosSPA

      Ultrasonic spatula - 1

      Ultrasonic nozzle - 1
      BIO nozzle - 1
      Cryotherapy nozzle - 1
      Spray nozzle - 1

      Power cord - 1
      User manual in US and LT - 1


      Tension: 230V + -10%, 50Hz
      Power: 500W
      Touch screen: 7 "inches
      Vacuum pressure: 90KPa
      Radio frequency: 3MHz
      Ultrasound frequency: 1MHz
      Ultrasonic power: 2W / cm2
      Weight: 12kg
      Packing: 43X30X47 cm
      Manufacturer's warranty 18 months
      CE certificate
      User manual in IT, EN or LT
      Delivery time ~ 7-10 days

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      Panevėžys Lithuania
      I recommend

      since the price is not low, i bought it just because of the great reviews and I was not disappointed by the gram. I am very satisfied ..


      We are glad that your expectations have come true! and thanks for the great evaluation :)

      Ignalina Lithuania
      hydra apparatus

      Hello, I have already received the device and we have all tried it, so we just want to enjoy a great purchase !!


      Thanks for your sincerity and great evaluation :)

      Kalvarija Lithuania

      Glad to have found you! My personal experience of choosing between so many is the best. The equipment works flawlessly and I really like how quickly the water sticks to the head.


      Thank you for your feedback and excellent rating

      Šiauliai Lithuania
      cosmetology apparatus

      not in vain so many good reviews. I bought it for home use. I would like to praise you for your pleasant communication !!!! and I recommend!


      Thank you so much Jurgita for the wonderful review and great evaluation :)

      In the evening
      Kaunas Lithuania

      I just haven't tried it ... I've finally discovered it! this is my favorite piece of equipment. Thank you so much for the training


      Glad to hear the great moods and THANK YOU for the great evaluation :)