HI-EMT EMS Machine

ESLIM SKU: VK5511468
EMSculpt aparatas - AurelijosSPA
EMSCULPT NEO Aparatas - Slimming machine - AurelijosSPA
Originalus EMS aparatas - AurelijosSPA
EMS machine neo - AurelijosSPA
EMS slimming machine - AurelijosSPA
EMSCULPT Aparatas  - AurelijosSPA
HI-EMT EMSCULPT Elektrostimuliacijos Aparatas | Raumenų stimuliatorius kojoms - AurelijosSPA
HI-EMT EMS Sculpt Elektrostimuliacijos Aparatas | Raumenų stimuliatorius - AurelijosSPA
HI-EMT EMSCULPT Elektrostimuliacijos Aparatas | Raumenų stimuliatorius - AurelijosSPA
HI-EMT EMSCULPT Elektrostimuliacijos Aparatas | Raumenų stimuliatorius pilvo apimčių mažinimui  - AurelijosSPA

HI-EMT EMS Machine

ESLIM SKU: VK5511468
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HI-EMT EMS Machine

Non-invasive HI-EMT (high intensity focused electromagnetic) technology that causes Super maximal muscle contractions that cannot be achieved in conventional ways.

EMC Machine electromagnetic pulses increases muscle contractions, so muscle tissue is forced to exercise for you!

Due to this unique electromagnetic Tesla 7 technology, during the EMS procedure, you not only exercise and build muscle, but also lose weight!

The EMS Electrostimulation Machine is a revolution in body shaping

EMSCULPT NEO Machine - Slimming machine - AurelijosSPA

1. The HI-EMT EMS machine is a unique device used to strengthen muscles and break down fat.

2. In the current bodybuilding and fat reduction sector, most devices are for customers with a higher fat area, but what about people with a lower fat area?
The EMS Machine can offer much more effective muscle stimulation than you would get with intense exercise. Ergonomic electromagnetic applicators allow you to achieve maximum results in all areas of the body and without any effort!

3. Muscle stimulation also causes effective fat burning, and improves muscle tone in areas such as the abdomen or buttocks.

4. EMS is a new, non-surgical beautification and shaping of body lines by electromagnetic pulses. The EMC procedure uses an electromagnetic field to grow muscles and reduce fat cells at the same time.

5. HI-EMT Technologies The EMS electromagnetic device is the first device of its kind to be developed effortlessly and effortlessly to create a perfect look, and these EMS procedures have been loved by celebrities around the world.

6. EMS procedures are especially effective for the buttocks and abdomen. Using high intensity focused electromagnetic field technology (HI-EMT), to cause short and powerful bursts of muscle contractions that increase muscle density and decrease body volume.

    Unique EMS Hardware Benefits:

    • Builds muscle and burns fat together!
    • Non - invasive buttocks lifting procedure
    • The EMS procedure is safe and suitable for people of all ages
    • The procedure takes barely 30 minutes
    • Course: barely 4 procedures are performed every 2-3 days
    • Feeling: like an intense workout
    • Long lasting results!
    • Moderate increase in muscle mass +16%
    • Moderate reduction in fat cover -19%
    • The EMS device can be used for whole-body electromagnetic procedures: buttocks, abdomen, thighs, calves, biceps and triceps.

    A great way to build muscle and burn fat

    What are the benefits of performing electromagnetic procedures with an EMC device?

    Increases metabolism
    The EMS Machine causes a complete reshaping of the muscle structure at the target site of the body, while promoting metabolism. This not only helps build muscle tissue, but also increases fat metabolism by as much as 5 times.

    EMS is a non-invasive procedure
    EMC Electromagnetic pulses generated by the apparatus
    are safe and achievable with regular use of this method
    similar results as: buttock implants,
    abdominal reduction and liposuction.
    The EMS is directed directly at the muscle tissue,
    it does not adversely affect the surface of the skin.

    Short procedure time and fast results!
    Electrostimulation therapy usually lasts up to 30 minutes,
    so customers can visit you even during lunch break
    and easily get back into your routine.
    The full course of the four procedures can be completed in two or three weeks.
    Many clients start seeing results immediately after their first EMS session.

    Recovery time
    One of the biggest advantages of using an EMS Machine
    is that there is no need to recover after electrostimulation sessions,
    because there is no fatigue after the procedure,
    as from after a workout in the gym.
    Your clients can return to normal activities immediately after each session.
    In addition, clients do not need to be specifically prepared for EMS therapy in advance.
     EMS - is a unique revolutionary electrostimulation device, the use of which during the procedure increases muscles, tightens body lines and burns fat.

    Device set:

    HI-EMT EMS Machine: x1
    EMS electrical stimulators-tips: x2
    EMS electrical stimulator applicators: x4*
    EMS applicators: x2 (Usage: buttocks, abdomen, legs)
    EMS applicators: x2
    ** (Usage: for calves, hands)
    EMS pacemaker belts: x3
    Power cord: x1 (types: EU, UK or US)
    Instructions for use: x1 (EN or LT language)
    CE certificate: x1
    RoHs: x1

    * - to "standart"EMS equipment includes:

    • 2 pcs. EMS tips
    • 2 pcs. EMS applicators (flat surfaces)

    ** - to "premium"EMS equipment includes:

    • 2 pcs. EMS tips
    • 2 pcs. EMS applicators (flat surfaces)
    • 2 pcs. EMS applicators (ergonomic convex surface)

    Device information:

    Voltage: 110-220 V / 50-60 Hz
    Power: 2000 W
    Frequency: 5-100 Hz
    Electromagnetic pulse: 300us
    Touch screen: 10.3 "
    Color: Gray
    Cooling system: Water + Air
    Packaging dimensions: 60 x 81 x 50 cm
    Warranty: 12 months.
    Gross weight: 68 kg
    made in China

    Delivery time: 20-30 days

    EMSCULPT Machine - AurelijosSPA

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